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Political satirical comedy podcast BS de Résistance, created by Lyssa Graham and Dale Leopold, will be honored at the Platinum Listening Sessions at HEAR Now Festival in Kansas City, MO.
Andrew Farstar smooth vocals and the symphonic music production in the song 'This Road' is simply amazing! The song is a metaphor about Farstar' s journey in life. Sometimes it can be full of obstacles and darkness, but this is the very reason we need God
Big blockbuster films aren't just for big screen. Independent movies like "WISH MAN", a compelling feature film, are making a big splash at theaters and film festivals around the country this summer.
Video tombstones and video memorials online will have a tremendous impact on many aspects of society. They will also create a lot of controversies and some very interesting Free Speech issues. And, what would you say from your own video tombstone?
John Franken survived the Nagasaki atomic bomb as a Prisoner of War in Japan. His wife, Sonja, survived the concentration camps in Nazi Europe, including Auschwitz. After witnessing and experiencing the worst of humanity first-hand, they found everlasting
AV Conversion Services preserves old DVD media to New Future-proof mp4 files
LOS ANGELES - May 7, 2019 - -- Is the world ready for the first dental-professional-turned-pop star? Open wide, because here comes Pødray. The musician's debut single and music video Uber Girl, has officially hit all streaming platforms.
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Louisiana-based Model and Lifestyle Apparel Creator makes his cinematic debut as his promo commercial is shown in theaters hosting the world's highest-grossing movie right now: Avengers Endgame!
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - May 1, 2019 - -- The platform for aspiring publicists and media professionals, It's Just PR, is coming to Florida for the first time ever. It's Just PR will have a networking event for like-minded professionals in the public...
Deshawn White publicly announced via Facebook that he officially returned to claim his spot in the music industry. White has completely rebranded himself and dropped his new EP 'Power Trip'.