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Fresh from their "At Capacity" Bethesda Blues and Jazz concert, Bethesda MD., Michael Henderson and Cherrelle prep to "ROCK" Atlantans' for the Hallow "Funkin" Ween Masquerade Party and Concert, Atlanta!!
NEW YORK - Aug. 29, 2017 - -- New York, once again SHEEN Magazine returns to take over New York Fashion Week on September 10th.  Throughout the NYFW activities, SHEEN Magazine will host its "Fashion Innovators Awards" to salute and honor the...
Historic District of Brooklyn Gets Its Own Digital Media Platform
Well-respected dermatology thought leader and host of popular video series assumes new role at video websites serving dermatologists, plastic surgeons.
BACK TO CHICAGO BY POPULAR DEMAND!! Michael Henderson who continues to perform electrifying concerts, wowing SOLD OUT audiences the world over, is now gearing the "STARSHIP" for a REPEAT PERFORMANCE on the city's south side, at "THE PROMONTORY!
A most memorable Valentine's Day Celebration INDEED! Celebrate your LOVE with the music of Michael Henderson! "You Are My Starship! "Let Me Love You! Be My Girl! These are but SOME of the songs written by Henderson that epitomizes LOVE and ROMANCE!!!
HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Aug. 24, 2016 - -- All Points Logistics LLC (All Points) has been awarded the Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) Information Technology Services II (MITS II) contract by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and...
NEW YORK - July 12, 2016 - -- Technology company Castle Builders (IL) announced today that it is raising funds via the rewards based crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, to launch a marketing campaign for their revolutionary technology for creating...
BEAUFORT, S.C. - June 28, 2016 - -- The Beaufort Film Society is dedicated to providing the highest levels of entertainment and education to the public from all areas of the film industry.  Through the annual Beaufort International Film Festival...
Civil Rights to Black Lives Matter: Featuring Norman & Velma Hill
This brand new powerful platform is exceptionally inclusive; the best description is a synthesis of Uber Facebook, Twitter and Instagram rolled into one.
INDIANAPOLIS - Feb. 25, 2016 - -- Cantaloupe recently launched a refresh of its company brand logo. The new logo represents the evolution of the company and the company's products.
The Little Film Festival That Could: Small Town, Big Crowds. Year 10 proves to be one for the record books. Described by many as EPIC.
YOQNEAM, Israel - Feb. 9, 2016 - -- As part of a strategic cooperation, these companies expand the boundaries of NFV and WebRTC deployments. Powered by Intel graphics processors and media software, SURF's cutting-edge HMP product line is defining the...
Filmmakers from Around the World Prepare to Attend the 10th Annual Beaufort International Film Festival in February
The SportCam XH9 is an ultra high-definition 4K-sport camera selling for $99.
The GLIMPSE showcase will be held on July 17, 2015 at the Mod Club Theatre located at 722 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1C5, Canada.