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Unprecedented Growth Under New Leadership: 20,000% Surge in Ticket Sales and Global Filmmaker Participation Define 2024's Thrilling Weekend
The new Mazda MX-5 Miata RF shall be a car star in Triumph Donnelly Studios Vendetta Vette (c) trailer and feature 2025,
EL DORADO HILLS, Calif. - -- Inspired by iconic television moments, our opening sequence sets the stage with Matteo at the helm, cruising through the neon-lit streets of Los Angeles. Drawing from the visceral energy of "The Sopranos," we capture Matteo...
EL DORADO HILLS, Calif. - -- In a world where the line between luxury and danger blurs, "High Rise 3: Run to Peril" emerges as the latest pulse-pounding addition to the acclaimed franchise. Directed by Jon Robert Quinn and brought to life by Gemini...
HONG KONG & NEW DELHI - -- This nontypical film is a documentary, rather than a docudrama. Its candid realness is beyond docudrama. Most of the scenes are divergent documentations. Prince Oak Oakleyski is not an actor, so he documented forthright...
LOS ANGELES - -- HerflixTMTM, a le­­­­ading streaming platform for movies, about for, and by women, is set to captivate audiences worldwide with exclusive live coverage of the red-carpet and gala event hosted by the Better World Fund. Broadcasting...
LOS ANGELES - -- 38 WINS, 15 NOMINATIONS AWARDS- IMDB "Notes from the New World" is a contemporary retelling of Dostoyevsky's "Notes from the Underground". The story unfolds in Los Angeles where dreams and harsh realities collide. It's a place where...
The acclaimed cinema company tees off its first-ever Florida location and HappyLand Movie Miniature Golf in Naples
The provocative theory presented in the book "Sex On the Wrong Brain" and website of the same name claims control of women and women's reproductive rights is not a byproduct of authoritarianism but an essential component of the sexual repression that fuel
Local artist able6 has captured the imagination of both art lovers and Star Wars enthusiasts alike.
The 70th Anniversary edition from The 3-D Film Archive and BayView Entertainment receives multiple accolades from long-standing awards competition
The Baltimore Bridge Tragedy May be Just the Tip of the Iceberg. Discover the history behind the shipping industry, how it brought the world's economies together, and how disasters and bad actors might just pull it all apart in AMERICA BOXED IN.
Cast slated for the Mystic Fantasy Adventure, Realm of the Waterfall. OFFICIAL PRESS RELE
NEW YORK - -- Sarab Sahni, a luminary in the realm of filmmaking, shines as an inspiring figure, seamlessly weaving her rich life experiences with unparalleled artistic brilliance. Born to Indian parents in the Middle East, she ventured to New York City..
LOS ANGELES - -- Chris Blake, the director behind All Light Will End and Distancing Socially, is remaking the 2014 cult hit, Blood Widow. Joining Blake is frequent collaborator, Josh Moody and a skilled producing team, set to dive deep into the lore and..
LOS ANGELES - -- Hollywood-based Epic Pictures Group will release the award-winning action/comedy KITTY THE KILLER in the U.S. next month. The film hits select theaters May 3, 2024 and digital platforms March 7, 2024. Kitty the Killer was written and...
Film sheds light on the escalating crisis of human trafficking in North Texas.
An American filmmaker and documentarian, Kevin L. McCrudden, also known as "America's Chief Motivation Officer," has released a documentary movie that claims to use science to prove the existence of "God " or "Higher Power."
LOS ANGELES - -- Pitch Black, the parent company of leading visual effects studios FuseFX, FOLKS, Rising Sun Pictures, and El Ranchito, has proudly announced the appointment of Mikaël Damant-Sirois as Vice President of Operations (VPO). Mikaël brings...
DALLAS - -- A family gathering turns into an eerie game of confession in the new horror comedy TWELVE by writer and director ARTHUR MUHAMMAD. Following the death of the family patriarch Pops, played by TED LANGE (The Love Boat), the family returns home...
Veterans for America First aka Veterans for Trump president Stan Fitzgerald recently stepped down stating Vindicated on the VFAF national vets group website.