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"KINGZ" Available July 10, 2020 on all DSPS and Streaming Services.
A Hopeful End to Racism as Seen Through the Eyes of Young Musicians
SYDNEY - -- Willoughby Symphony has become Australia's most revered Orchestra after achieving unprecedented success by going number 1 on Itunes charts in 7 countries which include the UK, USA, Australia, France, Mexico, Turkey and Switzerland. The album..
Do you like the sound of Indian instruments? Do you like hearing Indian music? Is it true that you are partial to the sound of the harmonium and would you like to learn it? on the off chance that you need to figure out how to play a harmonium.
Turning 13 has its natural challenges but add a sprinkle of quarantine, lockdowns, curfews and the need to navigate a new virtual school system, actor turned pop singer Alexander James Rodriguez recorded three catchy tunes in May with the first, "My Crew"
Rock guitarist and guitar teacher Tom Hess has released an online resource sharing secrets for gaining pro level guitar speed technique.
Despite no sales, Can's Headphones took the foot traffic and the excellent reviews for what they were worth
EL PASO, Texas - -- El Paso Indie-alternative band The Dead Electrics are about to release their first EP titled Patience on July 15th after weeks of digital promoting. The EP will feature their current single; Skin & Bone, their first single; Meet...
Available to watch on YouTube and listen to on all major podcast platforms, the weekly show focuses on entrepreneurship within the new music industry.
Got those Covid-19 Blues? Treat yourself to a poem & potential Song Lyrics called "The New Coronavirus Blues." You can see the poem in a book called "Crazy Robert's More Great Poems and Potential Song Lyrics" that you can download for $1 on Amazon
LOS ANGELES - -- Most bands if they were stuck at home with no live concerts or much to do, would throw in the towel and wait around. Not California's heavy-metal act TO US BELOW (http://www.facebook.com/tousbelow) who just premiered the brand new video..