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New exhibit for this month's Fat Village Art Walk showcasing exclusive sketches
Another record setting year. Number 14 smashes overall attendance record and sets new mark for average attendance per screening
Houston-based artist Rebecca Bond creates stunning abstract paintings inspired by her spirituality and practicing daily meditation, which acts as a conduit for her self-expression.
Just as the day changes around us, each artwork in this exhibition transforms under the eye of the viewer as materials combine through the artist and the onlooker to become an entirely new force.
As the anchor show in the only fulltime showroom in Downtown Las Vegas, Delirious Comedy Club at The Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino continues to bring the nightly laughter with their celebrity comedy series featuring Christopher "Kid" Reid from Kid 'n Play
MANHATTAN, N.Y. - -- As the country prepares to recognize Women's History Month in March, Filmmaker Antoine Allen is preparing for a private movie premiere for his new feature film LOLA.
Stony is a highly collected artist with international collectors across the globe taking his work into their collections.
Baggage Act 1: Quickies is an outrageous, funny, and hysterical dating book, published on paperback and eBook, with a range of diverse participants experiencing the complexities of dating life.
CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. - -- Tickets Go On Public Sale Today
GREENEVILLE, Tenn. - -- A collection of over 50 oil paintings entitled "Landscapes and Seascapes: The Great Outdoors" by artist David Martin June will be exhibited from March 1 through March 29 at the Mason House Gallery. The gallery is located inside...
NAPLES, Fla. - -- Native Visions Galleries of Naples hosts world-renowned African wood sculptor Mopho Gonde on Friday, Feb. 28 from 6-9 p.m. and Saturday, Feb. 29 from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. at 737 5th Ave. S. in Naples. A primarily self-taught artist, Gonde...