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The way audiences can view Day Zero seasons 1 and 2 on Amazon has been updated
LOS ANGELES - -- Brushwood Media Group announced today that Award-Winning Director, Len Rosen, will direct the new hit TV Show, "Celebrity Music Kitchen." In final post-production, the first season is slated to air Fall 2019. The Show was created by...
Internationally acclaimed producer and multi-award winning filmmaker Alon Juwal joins the Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival Jury
Selection for the 20th Calgary International Film Festival marks the short film's launch on the festival circuit
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Award-winning producer and director Alon Juwal is one of the youngest filmmakers to ever join the Israeli Academy of Film and Television
LOS ANGELES - -- Free Mind Pictures began pre-production on the pilot episode of ORFAM last week.  ORFAM is a comedic series in which the foster youth are the voice of reason, and the adults are the off the wall, crazy, characters.  The...
TVS Television Network places nine 24/7 ad supported free to watch streaming channels on Giniko USA.Com OTT platform. This free bundle direct to consumer post cable network gives cord cutters free supplementary channels to their purchased packges.
FRESNO, Calif. - -- "It doesn't matter how famous you are," quips T.J. Ward, the private investigator who has followed leads on The Disappearance of Natalee Holloway since 2005, "when a murder takes place on an island outside of the jurisdiction of the...
TVS will launch a general interest cable TV channel utilizing it's 10,000 title sports library, it's 10,000 title classic TV library, and it's 4,000 title movie library. TVS Cable will be offered to cable systems on a barter, with no affiliate fees.
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