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Selected recent works from NFT artist Pierre Gervois will be presented at Art Basel Miami Beach 2021 in the "METAVIRTUAL" exhibition, curated by Vanessa Coleman.
Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems can be designed and built site specific including configuration specifically for variable raw water TDS to accommodate seasonal changes in raw water quality.
T&D's Application was Developed as a Quick and Simple Way for Users to Generate Monitoring Reports From Their TR4 Data Loggers During Transport and Storage
After researching thousands of cryptocurrency projects DAO Strike has made its first investment under the new operating charter which calls for capital gains as well as yield. The group is excited to announce its support for the cryptocurrency project Min
Recognized as Small-Medium Law (SML) Partner of the Year and Hackathon Finalist
BROOKLYN, N.Y. - -- Pvilion, a Brooklyn based solar-powered fabric products company, has recently been awarded and recognized for sustainable efforts by The Architecture MasterPrize for outstanding outdoor, sustainable, and overall product design...
Inner Strength Education Wins Award for Teen Mobile App 'Inner Strength Vibe'
ALEXANDRIA, Va. - -- Advanced Solutions International (ASI), the provider of iMIS — the world's #1 SaaS solution for associations and non-profits — announced today it co-hosted a webinar with ReviewMyAMS featuring a panel of association technology...
ARDC grant will fund scholarships and programs designed to help women succeed in engineering.
LOS ANGELES - -- FuseFX, an award-winning visual effects company with facilities across the globe, welcomes Digital Nation Entertainment (DNE) volumetric studios to its virtual production and real-time tech alliance. FuseFX tech alliance is committed to..
GULFPORT, Miss. - -- GEO Jobe is pleased to welcome Ayden Rigby as a Sales Associate. GEO Jobe has previously mentored Ayden as an intern, during which time he was able to develop a foundation of knowledge in GIS and custom software development. This...
Act Would Expand Arizona's Clean Energy Economy and Create Millions of New Jobs, Providing a Path to Prosperity for Decades to Come
Rvoti Has Finally Come to the iOS App Store. Offering Consumers a Fresh New Way to Find Businesses & Businesses A Better Way to Promote Themselves. Find It All With Rvoti.
ARDC grant will enable the group to purchase backup repeaters, improve repeater coverage, and train and outfit new hams.
TOP TIER VIRTUAL TRAINING COMPANIES FOR ORACLE PERFORMANCE AND EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES Craig Shallahamer from OraPub will join five other Oracle leaders in the ACE program that are currently part of the Viscosity team, which includes two other Oracle ACE Di
PALM BEACH, Fla. - -- If you have ever been involved with a loved one who makes the decision to seek substance use disorder(SUD) or mental health(MH) treatment, you are aware that the events leading up to the patient's admission can be emotional...
SAN FRANCISCO - -- Large in the money call options on Roblox's stock are due to expire at the end of the month. In the money stock options offer traders a leveraged way to gain exposure to the underlying stock. They are frequently referred to as stock...
Presenting his brand new talk, "Code Automation with Bitbucket."
Original Gamer Life proudly welcomes global ambassador and speaker Vera Futorjanski as the newest addition to the team ahead of future IDO plans
SANTA CLARA, Calif. - -- Lyon, France – November 16, 2021 – SOLUTRANS is a biennial trade fair where innovation and information comes together at Lyon Eurexpo for the Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) industry. This year, Renault Trucks, a French...