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"Regenerating Life": New England premiere of a new documentary film by John Feldman, which takes a fresh look at the causes & solutions to the climate crisis. Film Screening and Symposium held at Tufts University, Oct. 14, 2023.
CLEVELAND - -- HobbsStyle and Skip Thomas Productions just released their newest feature-length film Grace & Mercy and it is sure to touch your soul. View the official trailer: Official Trailer While climbing the corporate ladder, Grace Lawrence has..
"From Ghana to NYC: 'Barely Made' Breaks All the Rules of Storytelling"
Brings together emerging, U.S.-based filmmakers with a wide range of Latin American roots for an immersive, 10-day program to help increase Latino representation in the film & television industries
The Oakland Int'l Film Festival is presented by the Oakland Film Society, a non-profit based in Oakland, California with the mission to promote independent filmmakers & their stories to empower people locally, nationally & internationally.
The Oakland International Film Festival highlights the City of Oakland as a destination for the arts. This year's theme is "Rediscover Oakland through film." The festival kicks off tomorrow, September 14 through September 23rd.
Executive producer and veteran casting director Leah Daniels Butler (Empire, All American, and Coming 2 America) along with Henry Butler of 1oneninety5 production company, teamed up with director Damon Jamal of In Yo Face Filmworks for "SURVIVAL."
The mechanical royalties for the song cleared in one day! Plus, Good Fridae launches, the Good Fridae Foundation.
-- Red Eagle Cinema is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of their latest short film, "Mean Sweets," set to premiere on YouTube on Tuesday, September 19th, 2023. This comedic drama, filmed in NJ and NYC, dives into a story about two drug dealing...
Showcasing Musicals, Music Videos and TV Pilots in October, November and December
BOSTON - -- GR Films and New Path Productions will present She, Who Dared: The Red Carpet Test-Screen Live Orchestral Event! on October 8, 2023, at the Somerville Theater with an original score by renowned composer Ian Rashkin performed live by Boston's..
Film Producer Michael Cohen Launches "Hollywood East," a Revolutionary Paradigm in Filmmaking on the east coast as an option for those who no longer desire the west coast system.
LOS ANGELES - -- DREAD, L.A.-based distribution and financing company Epic Pictures' specialty horror label, will be releasing their horror title, THE JESTER, later this month in North America. The film will have a limited theatrical run beginning...
"Monotheism and Devils" is principally about goodness of God and evil of devils. It's scheduled to be released soon after the handsome Prince of Eurasia's movie production accomplished all the film footage. The rare Docudrama of Prince Oak will be shown t
As part of the Cine Nepantla program Malpaso is a film that showcases the connection between neighboring countries Dominican Republic and Haiti.
This holiday season, get ready to experience the joy of PLAYING PEEKABOO, SINGING ALONG to cheerful tunes, DANCING to the rhythms, and LEARNING fascinating facts, all alongside the adorable Axolotl named Strawberry
After Romania's Wallachia IFF on 9/16 & the 9/22-28 Academy Award® Nomination Qualifying Standard Theatrical Run, the Short will Play: SoCal's Glendale IFF 9/30, India's Maharaja IFF 10/8, CA's Black Movie Fest 10/9 & Phoenix's Soul West Fest 10/28.
Damon Jamal joins Leah Daniels Butler and Henry Butler to deliver a gut-wrenching roller coaster ride of a thriller as an African American husband struggles with police to locate his kidnapped wife.
WASHINGTON - -- New Short Film "I.T.I. (Ignore the Ignorance)" Inspires Kids and Adults to Overcome Adversity and Embrace Positivity [Washington, DC] - In a groundbreaking effort to promote empathy, resilience, and a new approach to combating negativity..
CLEVELAND - -- Film and script submissions for the 13th International Horror Hotel Film Festival are now officially open! Attendees of the upcoming festival are in for a treat. With a new management team in place, a number of changes have been...
WASHINGTON - -- Leke Productions Filmmaker, Screenwriter, Producer and Director Alan Adeleke makes his feature film debut with the September 1, 2023, release of Award winning film "Differences" on the Tubi streaming service. Mr. Adeleke, a talented and...