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Top Honors go to "The Kennedy Incident" for Best Picture, The Horror Crowd for Best Director, among other categories including Native Cinema, LGBTQ+, Latin and Afro Cinema.
New documentary film series shines a spotlight on Leon Claxton's Harlem in Havana Revue and a little-known aspect of African American culture. Meet the unknown pioneers who helped shape Black and Cuban entertainment during Jim Crow. Watch Part One in Cele
Social Media has brought a new way for celebs & fans to interact. For decades, fans have wanted to build a relationship with celebrities & usually this is done vicariously through media and events. It worked well in creating a marketing relationship.
NEW YORK - -- As President of a national organization, Terra Renee spends her days meeting with industry titans, trailblazers & superb storytellers. And thanks to a recent collaboration, these conversations will soon be accessible to the public...
This year's festival will be streamed on Xerb.TV with an option for filmmakers to participate in a revenue-share model while highlighting local venues and sponsors during this year's festival.
SR Socially Relevant™ Film Festival NY unveils 65 films from 33 countries for its Eighth Edition Official Selection #SRFF2021 during a LIVE YouTube broadcast
New Independent Film Initiative Presented 65 Films From Filmmakers Around the World And Recognizes the Top 6
This year's festival will be held virtually and is one of the most diverse and inclusive festivals in the US honoring above and below the line cinematic arts professionals.
American distributor Indie Rights picks up worldwide distribution to the sci-fi drama First Signal. Independent film has won sixteen film festivals.
Available on DVD and streaming courtesy of BayView Entertainment
Celebrated Off-Broadway Show on the Life of Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Opens New Theater Festival
New Independent Film Initiative Brings Hollywood to Waco and Will Present 65 Films Around the World
Hustle is one of the hardest working men in Media and Entertainment.
HENDERSON, Nev. - -- Cyber Shorts: A VR Film Festival returns for its second year. Festival Co-directors Darryl A. Armstrong and Shahab Zargari developed the idea to launch a film festival using the AltspaceVR platform early on during the COVID...
'I Can't Sleep' by writer, director, and producer Gina Rose is being considered for several film festivals in 2021
The 2021 Art of Brooklyn Film Festival has named LA-based writer/director/producer Christie Conochalla as Guest Festival Director, to curate films for their 11th annual edition. Christie had two films selected for the 2020 AoBFF. Her body of work showcase
Dice Game Pt. 2 ft. Jayo Felony, is Available on All Digital Platforms and YouTube.com
To the New Girl, made by an all-woman cast and creative team, wins Gold Awards for Best Feature - First Time Filmmaker, and Best Writing at Queen Palm International Film Festival
LOS ANGELES - -- Congo Rising announces its feature film drama, Patrice Lumumba, on the eve of the 60th anniversary – January 17, 1961 – of the assassination of Congo's historic leader. Patrice Lumumba, a Congolese politician, and independence...