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SHERMAN, Texas - March 20, 2019 - -- Author and Anxiety Coach, Delisa Deavenport's book "Find Your Direction In Your Quiet is now available for pre-orders at https://coachdelisa.com/find-your-direction-in-your-quiet/and will be available for purchase in..
The Dangers as Mental Health Experts Predicted Since Years Ago Are Unfolding Before Us. This is unprecedented: Panel of 14 different leading experts from across disciplines come together urgently for a conversation that has never happened before.
DALLAS - March 15, 2019 - -- Garland, Texas- Third week open and over 472 calls received for support with depression, suicidal ideation, and addiction. The need is definitely here in North Texas. Elevate Healthcare strives to end stigma removing...
New study compares prevalence of alcohol, nicotine, and other drug use and DSM-5 psychiatric disorders among US-born and foreign-born Mexican Americans and US-born and foreign-born non-Hispanic whites.
NEW YORK - Feb. 7, 2019 - -- Wednesday, a 22-year-old woman contacted The ON! Channel, a fast growing Netflix like streaming service, to explain how one of its series/shows, "Pride Wives of Dallas", had saved her life.
Licensed Therapist Tameka Brewington brings a fresh approach to therapy to the Queen City
Created by a teen for other teens, this online peace summit is the first of its kind, geared to tweens and teens, to be shown in middle and high schools all over the world, as part of the annual curriculum, to focus on mental health and stopping violence.
Dr. Keith Ablow and DocsConnect Tackle America's Mental Health Crisis
Elevate Healthcare has officially opened first location as North Texas newest mental health care provider with sixteen more locations opening by end of year.
Diagnosis and Treatment of Medically Unexplained Symptoms and Chronic Functional Syndromes