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Por los efectos del COVID, los marketeros reducirán sus presupuestos 2021. Un bajo porcentaje afirma estar preparado para aprovechar la coyuntura actual como una oportunidad. Se estima que en el 2021 la inversión publicitaria digital crecerá en un 22% e
SURREY, U.K. - -- An internal study conducted by Digital Clarity showed that 43% of business to business companies aren't aware which marketing or sales channel is resulting in qualified leads for their business, if any. 72% of these businesses allocate..
TYNE AND WEAR, U.K. - -- 2020 was an ever-changing landscape for businesses across the country. In the world of marketing, businesses were required to be more reactive than proactive, and switch tactics from offline to online. NBS, the construction...
One of the most popular event types are corporate events says Ismail Sirdah. These occasions allow executives to show appreciation for their staff and keep the company informed of current and future developments. Ismail Sirdah Businessman of Duluth, Georg
Discusses the Value of its $34.9 Million NOL Carryforward, and Announces Issuance of Shares to its Management Staff
HOUSTON - -- FocalPoint Business Coaching is proud to have Shawn Lacagnina as a part of FocalPoint's elite team of Certified Business Coaching professionals. Shawn has a strong background in business and, in particular, sales & marketing which he...
LAS VEGAS - -- What could be better than a property manager that puts his clients needs ahead of his own? A manager that also has experience in both customer service and general residential repairs and maintenance. While most companies were downsizing...
SHOREDITCH, U.K. - -- Amid the Covid-19 pandemic many companies who are able, have moved in the direction of remote work rather than closing down completely. Do remote offices represent an impact on the future of work? The benefits of remote workforce...
LEEDS, U.K. - -- Green Gecko Digital are proud to end a turbulent year on a high, having doubled their revenue since the pandemic outbreak. After the pandemic hit, the business saw a decline in enquiries as many businesses cut their marketing budget or...
Hosting events has been challenging against the backdrop of COVID-19 infections and economic lockdowns. Duluth Businessman Ismail Sirdah has turned a corner with many of his clients and colleagues when organizing virtual events in 2020. COVID-19 has chang
Marcus A. Glenn of The Winner's Society coaches clients on how to monetize their passions
The GCMG Agency provides industry expertise on social media trends.
ANN ARBOR, Mich. - -- According to Michigan SEO Group, one of the most important things small business owners can do for their businesses this year is to devote time to the company's digital presence. The mass move to digital last year resulted in three..
NEW YORK - -- The Millennium Alliance is committed to the continued expansion of its executive education efforts. This means always looking for new ways to leverage technology to grow their audience and deliver its members with industry insights from C...
DANIA BEACH, Fla. - -- (Dania Beach, FL – January 11, 2021) The Design Center of the Americas welcomes Jessica Idarraga as Director of Digital Marketing. In her new position, she will oversee digital marketing for the entire DCOTA campus, including...
Full-service advertising agency captures Gold awards for excellence in Digital Marketing
VICTORIA, British Columbia - -- RingPartner is pleased to announce that Sarah Gulbrandsen has been appointed as the new CEO of RingPartner, a digital leads marketplace. She will be responsible for driving the company vision and strategy. Sarah...
Jasmine Lashawn's campaign to help 300+ businesses launch in the mist of Covid.
MANCHESTER, U.K. - -- A new website has launched in a bid to help marketing managers and team leaders search for, compare and trial the best marketing software on the market. Called Marketing Software Manager, the new site compares key providers in a...
Wilkov to Participate as a Panelist in a Roundtable Discussion About Writing, Marketing and Publishing a Book This Year
Innovative Florida based marketing agency with experienced team launches company and offers a full suite of digital and marketing services.