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PORTLAND, Ore. - Nov. 2, 2018 - -- The Dark Regions Press Kickstarter campaign for the Halloween Grab Bag stands at 89% funded with just 60 hours to go! The award-winning independent publisher needs your help! Please share this Kickstarter link on your...
Embargo till launch on Kickstarter.com at 6am, 1st November 2018, Pacific Daylight Time, USA
The FRIDA! The streetwear collection by MARIO MARGA.The painting and the print on the sweatshirt is unique.
Voice-activated trackable wallets with instant card access at the click of a button. Never lose your wallet or phone again.
An app designed to give our community the tools to live a more positive life.
A bracelet with a hidden agenda to create a better you. Flips Bracelet is an analog solution in a digital world.
This Kickstarter is to fund a reality based television show called Coming Clean. It will be based off the Vernon's business called a Custom Clean.
Kickstarter Campaign Launched for Story of a Young Boy, His Guide, and a Quest to Save His Mother and Village from a Threatening Army of Marauders
Since his early years in his mother's gospel choir in Millen, GA, soul blues singer Frank Bey has shared a powerful message of love, equality, and unity from the stage. Now, a diverse film crew has come together to spread that message to the world.
Strategy board game | 2-4 players | 8+. Quick to learn and start playing, Tanks, but no thanks! is great for all ages.