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An enthralling chronicle of two young men - one white, one black - in apartheid South Africa
Renowned Entertainer, Author, and Entrepreneur Teaches How To Stay Balanced This Holiday Season
A book about a rabbit's love for carrots and the importance of sharing with others released in Spanish just in time for the holidays
GM Books helps authors get their books on the market faster!
GM Books helps authors get their books on the market faster!
And if fizzy drinks might work miracles on the health front, why would anyone want to keep it quiet?
LAS VEGAS - -- Histria Books is pleased to announce the release today, November 15, 2019, of Lafayette: Courtier to Crown Fugitive, 1757-1777 by bestselling author S.P. Grogan. The book is published by the Addison & Highsmith Publishers, an imprint...
Greg Jolley's fictional Danser family blends eccentricity and brilliant obsession in the world of movie making—a family often described as a blend of J.D. Salinger's Glass family and The Addams Family.
Dr. Margaret Speaks at UFO Con 2020 "Donald Trump: The Enigma of Society" to answer life's question "Why Am I Here?"
PORT ORCHARD, Wash. - -- Brady Hope never had a family Christmas, and now he would finally get his chance. His dream girl, Margaret, was taking him home to meet her parents. There, he would be wrapped in her family's holiday traditions that culminated...