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This is about a new book of poetry by Robert Barrows. The book is called "Crazy Robert's More Great Poems and Potential Song Lyrics"...and... one of the poems in the book is a poem/potential song called "The New Coronavirus Blues"
COLUMBIA, S.C. - -- "Unmoving he sat, cloaked in hooded blackness, illuminated only by the geysers of fire that shot up towards the cavern ceilings. Satan, the Adversary, was deep in thought. In fact, he was so deep in thought that he took a brief...
Andre Wallace's Dramatic Novel Follows the Lives of 5 Diverse Friends
ASHEVILLE, N.C. - -- Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc., of Johnson City, Tennessee, is proud to recommend author Martha Jane Orlando's The Glade Series and Adventures in the Glade Series to help keep children and young adults entertained.
SEATTLE - -- Author David R. Gross Promotes His Historical Fiction Novel - Defender of the Texas Frontier
TAPPAN, N.Y. - -- What a curve ball life is throwing us at the moment. With everyone having more free time throughout the day, there are surely times where you may find yourself bored and wondering what to do!
HARRISBURG, Pa. - -- What could be more exciting than traveling through the vastness of space and visiting new planets?
Kristin Pedderson is known to music lovers as "Miss Kristin" for her one of a kind sound, songwriting and music productions. Currently she brings her love for writing to a new audience through inspirational books. "Clarity Over Conflict" (Going the Distan
SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - -- Decades after a miracle enzyme enables the direct conversion of carbon dioxide to oxygen in mammals, it provides a major aid in opening Mars's hostile environment to permanent human residence.
Inspired by her Babyboomer childhood as a Navy dependent........
AUSTIN, Texas - -- "I had no idea global conditions would be so tense when I began Dragon Head more than ten years ago," says bestselling author James Houston Turner. "Do America's greatest enemies lie abroad, or do they walk the corridors of power in...