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WASHINGTON, Conn. - -- "Little Brown Bear and You" is the newest book by prolific author and poet Susan A. Katz of Washington, Connecticut. Published in paperback and Kindle e-book, Katz's latest book will be released online and in bookstores nationwide..
With the same tale of courage on the new frontier, the new edition offers readers an immersive first-person perspective through the eyes of Rye Dalton, the strong female protagonist, bringing a deeper emotional connection to the story.
ATLANTA - -- Devika Brij, career advancement expert and former sales and people leader at Google and LinkedIn turned CEO and Founder of Brij the Gap Consulting, has released her debut book, Thrive in Color: How to Master Self-Advocacy and Command Your...
LAS VEGAS - -- Yolanda Hatcher author of Ascension series, a romance fantasy series about mates and destiny, dark and light. This trilogy is available on Audible and Amazon. Ascension Volume I, Ascension Volume II, and Descension "Of Spirit & Fire...
A major player is sponsoring the welcoming ceremony of BookCAMP 2024 on June 23rd, a significant three day publishing industry trade show designed to benefit authors and publishers
"With only a few tweaks, time travel was the final ingredient required to manipulate history so that humans become irrelevant."
The Creator's Way: Finding Your Way, Framing Your Stories and Freeing A Spirit of Healing
Unleash Your Writing Power: Speak Your Sales Success into Existence!
"Do your friends and readers a favor and let them know about this sale."
A significant publishing industry trade show designed to benefit authors and publishers
"Born to Compete: A Man Without A War" is a gripping tale that weaves together martial arts, secrets, and unyielding determination.
The provocative theory presented in the book "Sex On the Wrong Brain" and website of the same name suggests control of women and anti abortion extremism are byproducts of the sexual repression used for centuries to increase male frustration and fuel the i
OMG UR a Teenager is a coming-of-age novel for the Me-Too generation. Full of Gen Z angst and humor and heart, it's a revision of the classic story to highlight personal growth in a more feminist age.
"When I Stop Fighting: The Unexpected Joy Of Getting My Head Out Of My Ass" Stop Fighting And Find Joy With This Life Changing Audio Book. A Must Listen.
TAMPA, Fla. - -- Down & Out Books is pleased to announce that DRY BONES by G. Miki Hayden has been published on May 13, 2024 in trade paperback and ebook formats. About DRY BONES … Holder (Oklahoma) Senior Police Officer Aaron Clement is the sole...
Montice Harmon's "Though Seasons Change" Volume 5 Soars to Bestseller Status
WEST JORDAN, Utah - -- The International Impact Book Awards announced the winner of their most recent book competition in the Epic Fantasy category, Crown Prince: Book One of New Blood by Utah author W.D. Kilpack III. Crown Prince is the first of the...
Rashad Scroggins' latest release combines storytelling with interactive activities to promote literacy and deepen family connections.
ARLINGTON, Texas - -- Patrick B. Parker, a loving husband, father, and US Air Force veteran, has completed his revision of his book "God is Killing Me": a poignant look at faith from the 20th Century till the present in an ever-changing world. Patrick...
CHICAGO - -- Author Michael Finney is releasing his first alternative history short story called "The Relic of the Aztecs" as an audiobook. The fictional work takes place in an alternative reality of North America. In a world where two civilizations...