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"Caught Between Worlds: Tom, Mikhail and Alexander the Great" takes readers, young and old, on an incredible journey of grief, intrigue, bravery, and danger
CEO of Balbuena Consulting Set To Release New Book Spelling Out Cannabis Industry, Lays Down "Greenprint" for Black Community To Enter Industry; Warns Non-Black Industry Counterparts To Get In Alignment With Social Justice Movement Or Lose Revenue
A new dark comedy by a Hollywood writer gives a humorous view of what really happens after you drop a parent off at the nursing home.
CARDIFF BY THE SEA, Calif. - -- A story that explores the emotional curiosity of an old man who is set in his ways. Mr. McPat's Journey to Stapville is an honest look at the biases we create towards things in which we have never truly experienced. "The...
NASHVILLE, Tenn. - -- Book Summary Jack Brice's story Outline Introduction Sample Interview Questions Book Summary Caught in the Middle: Trying To Be a Sane Christian in an Extreme World is a book about how politics has influenced what you believe about..
"Why Elephants Are Afraid of Mice" features drawings and stories by Taylor J. Loock
A real-life story about growing up in England before & after World War II
Get the details of a valuable tax strategy that can reduce your taxable income on a rental property
"Gregg Brown pens yet another masterpiece of galactic war in the Heir to The Throne series."
This history honors its simple beauty and sketches some features of the time which gave it form. Beyond that, it follows the vicissitudes of the building's post revolutionary experience, and finally, celebrates the fact that it has survived. "Washington's
Motaz H. Matar's third novel tells the story of a Syrian refuge and pigeon herder living in Berlin. Dabbour must choose between a life of crime as a drug smuggler "pigeon whisperer" and risk returning to Syria or to make a new life for himself.