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Best Selling Author Offers "On The Run" Ebook For Free Via Amazon
STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. - Jan. 18, 2019 - -- EXHIBIT OPENING - Sons and Daughters of Italy:
PHOENIX - Jan. 17, 2019 - -- Have you ever wondered about the symbols of your dreams? Or thought about looking to your dreams to help guide your waking life? Dream Incubation for Greater Self-Awareness: A Handbook is a succinct book that will jumpstart...
NEW YORK - Jan. 17, 2019 - -- Pervis Taylor has brilliantly created a series of self-empowerment strategies that give men permission to drop the guise of always appearing all powerful and impervious to emotional hurt, and thus never evolving, and...
ASHEVILLE, N.C. - Jan. 17, 2019 - -- Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc., of Johnson City, Tennessee, is proud to announce that submissions for their 2019 in-house anthology, Snowy Trails of Appalachia, are now open!
"The Clio Project: A Military Time Travel Story" transports an unsuspecting U.S. Air Force security police unit to the middle of the Civil War
LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Jan. 17, 2019 - -- Author Trayner Bane Releases Third Book In His Windhollows Children's Fantasy Adventure Series - Windhollow and the Axe Breaker
New England Accordion Connection and Museum Owner Paul Ramunni has just released "Accordion Stories from the Heart" and he will conduct a book signing and mini-concert at Geer Village Senior Community in his hometown of Canaan, Connecticut on Feb. 9.
Satellite Agency Inc. Beverly Hills CA, President Joey Sulfaro, who has brokered the book and movie deal, is delighted with the way that his project is looking for 2019 with various offers on the table currently …
Savant Books and Publications LLC, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, announces the release of Nicholas Bylotas' newest science fiction novel, "StoryTeller" as an Amazon Kindle eBook.
TAMPA, Fla. - Jan. 16, 2019 - -- Down & Out Books is pleased to announce that FATALLY HAUNTED, a Sisters in Crime Los Angeles Presents anthology edited by Rachel Howzell Hall, Sheila Lowe, and Laurie Stevens with an introduction by Cara Black will...