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LOS ANGELES - -- Empire Video Productions and HomeMovies release the official poster art and trailer for Alex Visani's horror movie, STOMACH.
LOS ANGELES - -- We are pleased to announce the release of a new poster for Michael S.Rodriguez's Last America Horror Show II starring Mel Novak, Lynn Lowry, and Helene Udy, Maria Olsen, Mike Ferguson and Jonathan Tiersten.
LOS ANGELES - -- A lot of heart can be found coming from creators in the horror genre during the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to provide an escape for those who are facing stress and anxiety during this time.
LOS ANGELES - -- New Episodes of Death Squad Now Available On Demand for FREE
LOS ANGELES - -- Andrew Jara's BORDERLAND will be released on VOD Amazon and Roku on March 24, 2020 through Meridian Releasing. It is currently available on DVD and Blu-ray. In anticipation, a 1970's Grindhouse style trailer has been released to promote..
LOS ANGELES - -- BayView Entertainment has announced 2 new DVD releases, "The Black Gate" and "Turnabout" now available on Amazon.
LOS ANGELES - -- Here's the new teaser trailer for Thunderknight Entertainment's upcoming feature film The Dead Rose. This film is in pre-production and it stars legendary action stars Vernon Wells (The Road Warrior, Weird Science), Richard Tyson...
LOS ANGELES - -- BayView Entertainment announces the release of two new movies on DVD adding to their horror genre selections - Savage Island and The Shadow Walkers.
LOS ANGELES - -- Multi-award winning actor-filmmaker Michael S. Rodriguez (Last American Horror Show starring Felissa Rose and Lynn Lowry) receives the Directing Honor At the noted Hanford International film festival in Hanford, California on Saturday...
LOS ANGELES - -- BayView Entertainment announces two new releases on DVD - 'The Theatre of Terror' and 'Omnivores'. They join a collection of recent DVD releases that include, Resonance, Let's Talk About "IT", Cripta, The Lord Doesn't Hate You, Road To...
A horror convention – complete with a 'real' vampire wandering the halls, for atmosphere – invites folklore specialist, Marcus, as Guest of Honour. Looking forward to a chilled weekend, he instead finds himself battling to save his friends and fans.