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LAMBETH, England - -- When the United Nations declared basic access to the internet as a human right in a 2016 resolution, Share Internet Data Ltd saw this as a gateway to leverage and create an app that will advance the democratization of internet...
LONDON - -- BNNTechnology Plc is pleased to announce that its exclusive partner, Beijing New Net Science & Technology Development Limited (New Net), has signed a significant nationwide service contract for lottery technology, promotion and marketing..
Wnet Chapter Launched in Tampa Bay to Empower Women in Payments
WASHINGTON - -- DC Fintech Week, Washington's singular fintech innovation and global policy forum, is now scheduled for October 21-24. This year, Fintech Week will be supported by a range of partners including the Institute of International Economic Law..
Independent Mortgage Originators can now use AI and Machine Learning to proactively manage their funding sources
This World First, Multi-sector, Sustainable Economic Development Initiative, will forever redefine the meaning of "Impact Investment".
What an incredible turnout at this year's annual Lendit Fintech conference, held here locally in San Francisco! With over 5,000 attendees and hundreds of speakers from the top fintech companies, this year's conference was packed with the latest topics imp