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Writers of "Tales from Fat City" Launch their Film Campaign

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There's no shortage of fat shaming movies and television shows recently. However, there hasn't been a story told like "Tales from Fat City" with such determination and honesty.

LOS ANGELES - March 25, 2019 - EntSun -- There's no shortage of fat shaming movies and television shows recently. However, there hasn't been a story told with such determination and honesty with hilarious characters that will have you on the floor laughing and cheering for the underdog like the feature film, "Tales from Fat City."

"Tales from Fat City" is written by Karla Guy and Kathy Byron two female actor/comedians.

It based on personal stories of Miss Guy's life. You might remember her from that Oxygen show where she was Dancing her A** off trying to lose weight. Well now she's written some funny and not so funny moments, about body image issues & bullying in a comedic, light-hearted film.

Kathy Byron (Workaholics, Bones, Weeds) plays Karla Guy's hilarious boss Mrs. McGrady. Kathy's character makes Karla's job a living hell in this film. I'm sure you know a boss or two that makes you regret going to work everyday. Kathy was once Karla's boss in real life ...how's that for art imitating life! (She was bossy there too!)

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Unlike most films or TV shows that are funded by studios and their producers,
Ms. Guy and Ms. Byron are doing an independent launch for "Tales from Fat City" with a crowdfunding campaign to fund their own film. They decided to use Indiegogo. Ms. Guy stated, "It's my first time raising money for a feature film and I don't want my efforts to be lost because I didn't make my goal." Currently, Indiegogo is the only film crowdsourcing website that will let you keep all funds raised even if you don't make your proposed budget, which makes sense for a first time filmmaker.

The Tales from Fat City Indiegogo, has some really great perks.  Some of the perks for helping fund #TalesfromFatCity include: A Producer credit, a Role in the film written for you, and even a co-directing perk. Each one with a IMDB credit for anyone needing to build their entertainment resume. Where do we sign up?

If you would like to help fund "Tales from Fat City" and get these gals on the big screen follow the link and DONATE @ https://igg.me/at/TalesfromFATCity

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