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The Platinum P Club – Membership Required - Available Now! Kindle Version Free Limited Time!

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The Platinum P Club - Membership Required D T Pollard
The Platinum P Club – Membership Required - is the 70th published work available from Essense® bestselling author D T Pollard. To mark this milestone the Kindle ebook version is free for a limited time as an introductory promotion on Amazon.com. Hardcopy version is also available.

DALLAS - EntSun -- John was a frustrated business professional weary of watching others break the rules to get ahead and being handsomely rewarded while he seemed to be working hard while getting nowhere fast.  John had a plan, but needed someone with the right connections to pull it off. John knew just the person to reach out to in the form of his former high school classmate, Randi, who was married to an older man who happened to be a billionaire. Randi and her group of influential women friends had the contacts John required to get his business off the ground. With Randi's help John discovered two common motivating factors among that group of women who, by design, were all married to very wealthy older men and those were a desire for financial independence and self-respect. John and his group of beautiful trophy wives put a plan into action that satisfied the needs of two groups seeking satisfaction of seemingly dissimilar desires. One group was seeking unique experiences of a carnal nature not available to everyone, although with complete secrecy, and the other group was comprised of fame seekers who desired the ability to pursue their dreams without desperation leaving them open to exploitation. John bridged the gap between those groups by creating an exclusive club that allowed members access to unique delights willingly provided by providers who possessed a modicum of fame and exclusivity, although for a hefty price. The Platinum P Club was expensive, exclusive and limited in membership, but it was also very clandestine.

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The Platinum  P Club - Membership Required - Available now! Kindle version Free limited time!


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