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Galitz Photography Class Explores Plotagraph turned Plotaverse

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Galitz Photography Students shooting soon to be Plotagraphs
SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Jan. 20, 2018 - EntSun -- Dan Lior was one of the very first photographers to have tested and demonstrated the uniquely hypnotizing "Plotagraph effect" after it barely emerged from beta. Today, between Coca Cola and Kourtney Kardashian, Plotagraph's animated photos are going viral all over social media. Lior was approached by none less than Israel's leading Galitz school of photography, asking him if he was willing to lead a photo animation course. Luckily, Lior had just wrapped up his "Midburn" project and was ready for a new mission. For Galitz's request, Lior went straight to Plotagraph. He felt it was the best photo animation program to teach because it is easy to learn and simple to use. Little did he know that Plotagraph recently expanded into Plotaverse, a suite housing a massive variety of new effects!

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In an email to Plotaverse, Lior recalls: "We settled on a 2 day class. The 1st day was all about learning how to take pictures in mind of animation, what to look for, how to plan the movement ahead. Understanding what will make an appealing animation. The 2nd day took place in Galitz school itself. We had a computer room and the students brought the photos they have taken on the 1st day." They went over the Plotagraph looping effect, the uncharted new PlotaMorph terrain and PlotaFX video, audio and still overlays. From then on the class worked on animating the photographs. "They ended up creating some really nice animations and all in all we got pretty good feedback."

Can you believe this Plotaverse "Before and After" video? https://vimeo.com/251381271

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Rounding up the course, Lior writes: "I'd be happy to run another class if the school asks me too. It was a pretty fun experience, the students had fun and did some pretty interesting work." Between Plotagraph, PlotaMorph and PlotaFX, artists and visual marketers will find an action packed, cutting edge advertising tool. It grabs eyeballs and glues them to the image in midst oversaturated media feeds.

Here's a cool visual of Plotaverse https://vimeo.com/243968457

To get a good look at the effects and how photographs can be turned into animated "Plotagraphs" visit https://plotaverseapps.com

Nadja Reichardt

Source: Plotagraph, Inc.

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