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Dec 31 The Ring by Pimcomedy Off Broadway

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Off Broadway theater presents " The Ring " presented by Pimcomedy. Story of darkness, and overcoming fear and depression

NEW YORK - EntSun -- pimcomedy fashion show,  story of darkness. Finding faith and joy.  Finding peace.  Overcoming depression and fear.  Overcoming Satan.

December 31, 2022.   Pimcomedy presents  , " The Ring "   The final showdown between pimcomedy and Satan.  Story of darkness, and Satan in the Lake of Fire.  He is burning,  and being tormented , forever and ever and ever.  He is screaming and yelling.  The Word of God says it so

Story of Depression.  I am laying on my white dirty couch , drinking orange Vodka, depressed. Also , I am depressed after doing comedy.  Why am I depressed after comedy ? Why can't I be a normal person ?

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Story of Satan in the Lake of Fire.  With the Beast and False Prophet. We overcoming him  by the Blood of the Lamb, and the Word of our testimony , and we love not our lives until the end.  The final showdown between Satan and Pimcomedy. Who will win ?  Who will come out on top ?

Pan murdered me.  She fed me rat poison and I died . I died and went into the Spiritual Realms.  I came back out alive !  Angels Ministered to me

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