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Comedian Sets up Surprising "Pop Up Restaurant" During SoBe Wine & Food Fest

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Offers "Deconstructed Wine", "Curry Lemonade" and "Skewered PopTarts with Sausage". You'll never guess what happens next....

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - Feb. 28, 2017 - EntSun -- The South Beach Happy Hour Comedy Network brought a "Pop Restaurant" to Ocean Drive during Miami Beach's world-famous foodie event the "South Beach Wine and Food Festival". Featuring a "world-famous" and totally fictional Chef Filet (played by comedian Michael McAllister) and hosted by model Marielle Bachman, the Pop-Up Featured "luxury delicacies" including "deconstructed wine" (whole grapes with a yeasty chaser), "premium spiced lemonade" (lemonade with Taco and Curry Powder) and "Street Food Porn" (a Strawberry Pop-Tart skewer with vegan sausage and a maraschino cherry).

The results were unexpected. "We went in thinking nobody would even try the food, much less like it," said Comedian Michael McAllister. "But we were wrong. Everybody loved it. I'm pretty sure we will actually win a Foodie Award for our creations."

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Inspired by food trends McAllister called "absurd", the group was hoping to make a point about "dumb deconstructed foods" and "ridiculous combinations" popping up on gourmet menus around the country. "We thought vegan sausage on a Pop-Tart was the perfect way to make fun of 'award-winning' doughnut hamburgers, but it turns out people like the Pop-Tart with meat combination, too. We got so many compliments on the 'unusual texture' and 'interesting flavor combination', it was hard to stay in character and keep from laughing."

McAllister was particularly surprised by the positive reaction to his "deconstructed wine" offering, which featured a grape on a toothpick and a sugar-water solution he told guests was actually active yeast. "I thought people would say 'it's just some grapes' and be in the on the joke, but it turns out that everything tastes better when it's prepared by someone wearing a chef's hat. Some people could even 'feel it working'!"

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The South Beach Wine & Food Festival is a glamorous destination event showcasing the world's best chefs and culinary personalities. But foodies take note: just because it was made by a Chef, doesn't make it gourmet.

Highlight Videos & Promo Photographs available on request. Please see our YouTube teaser at: https://youtu.be/3RUPNwrJHes

South Beach Happy Hour is a new online comedy network co-developed by Michael McAllister and Alberto Fernandez. SBHH extends special thanks to Deco Models, a top modeling and talent agency with offices in Miami and New York.

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