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A Better Police Gun - to Save Lives and Reduce Controversy

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To reduce deaths at the hands of police, a single gun is needed that can immobilize a suspect − or if absolutely necessary, kill − and optionally record the firing sequence to support non-lethal intent by the officer.

SEATTLE - EntSun -- Osann IP Development is offering to potential manufacturers, US Patent 9,921,018 for a multi-mode weapon that will enable police to reduce the number of controversial police shootings. Currently, the news is full of deaths of unarmed persons at the hands of police. Sometimes the tragedy could have been avoided, sometimes circumstances justified the shooting. But ALWAYS, there is controversy. Our Multi-Mode weapon can save lives, and reduce controversy.

1)      It fires both lethal and less-lethal ammunition; and
2)      It optionally records the sequence for which ammunition type was fired when.

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This way, if an officer must resort to lethal force, there can be a record that they first tried shooting less-lethal ammunition. This unique weapon design can be set for either of the following initial modes when first drawn from a holster, and can be easily placed in the other mode as the weapon is drawn:

1)      Initially in less-lethal mode, quickly switchable to lethal
2)      Initially in lethal mode, quickly switchable to less-lethal

We are currently approaching manufacturers of less-lethal weapons and ammunition regarding licensing opportunities. We would also consider an outright sale of the patent rights to an organization making a commitment to develop and deploy the gun.

To reduce the unnecessary deaths and public outrage, a less-lethal alternative integrated into the officer's primary service weapon is the only practical solution.

To learn more, please contact us at 408-313-1990 or info@osann.net.

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