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Mikasa is attracted to a mysterious and charismatic guy in this coming of age urban romance novel and an unexpected and closely connected young man is attracted to her in an unsettling way.
Thanks to generative A.I., this is the most comprehensive and authoritative oracle deck ever created. That's because it is not the inspiration of one human but the principles reflect the best thinking of humanity over thousands of years.
LOS ANGELES - -- We are thrilled to announce that author Alex Begandy will participate in this year's LA Times Festival of Books on April 20 and 21. Begandy will showcase his latest book, The Azures, which has been making waves in the literary world...
MANHATTAN, N.Y. - -- New York, NY – NYC Digest, an innovative news platform, officially launches today, offering a fresh perspective on news across the United States and globally. Focused on delivering timely and relevant content across various...
Editorial Freelancers Association Exhibits at the L.A. Times Festival of Books
HINGHAM, Mass. - -- Food Gardening Network, publisher of Food Gardening Magazine, announces the release of its April 2024 issue, featuring insights derived from a comprehensive survey conducted earlier this year. The survey, titled "What Are You...
NYC-born, L.A. based indie publisher challenges conventional notions of literary classics.
PITTSBURGH - -- Sloth Dreams Books & Publishing, LLC. announces the expansion of its services to include Children's Book Marketing Consulting and Book Marketing Strategist services. Having successfully published over 180 professional children's...
HINGHAM, Mass. - -- March sometimes seems like the longest month of the year. It is cold, wet (sometimes rain, sometimes snow) and dark. Well, that's not the case here at Mequoda Publishing Network. Our partners brought us offers that really brightened...
EFA to Exhibit at ACES: Unleashing Creativity Conference in San Diego
Considered a groundbreaking author for bringing diverse characters to novels for nearly twenty-five years, Caridad is celebrating the release of SABOTAGE OPERATION, her thirtieth novel for Harlequin, on May 21, 2024.
Butterfly dreams, a novel set against the alluring backdrop of the Azores Islands, is a compelling tale of love, sacrifice, and cultural exploration. It is available online and in select brick and mortar stores.
"An Atmospheric Spy Thriller" - noted review at BestThrillers.com hits #29 on the list of Amazon bestsellers in the Thriller category.
"A Canine Exposé" Offers a Humorous Look at Why You Should Never Own One
The Editorial Freelancers Association Releases Updated Data from New Rate Survey
Driven by a Hunger for Original, Unedited Canon and a Return to Core Doctrine and Dogma, Faithful Reconnecting with the First Christian Bible and the Beliefs of the Pre-Nicene Christians
Aspiring authors who want to turn their literary creations into published books can now enroll in a comprehensive continuing education course on book publishing offered by McLennan Community College.
A highly esteemed author is selling royalties on his books for $1 million. Is it worth it? Is it a bargain basement deal? His books such as Nirvana, Day of Reckoning, Further, Soul Kitchen, Torn Veil, and Barack Obama have literary merit!
DonnaInk Publications, a trailblazer in the literary world, is thrilled to announce the launch of their cutting-edge Book Marketing Plan Services.