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Expert advice from local health care providers to keep kids safe, healthy and happy in uncertain times
Groundbreaking gathering of over 6 dozen international voices lifting you up with their positive messages of hope and healing for the new year.
Minnesota author Scott Dominic Carpenter to appear with acclaimed writer Lorna Landvik and other authors in a series of regional book events.
On stage Christian Hip Hop artist Cory Walker is C.Y.B., which stands for Count Your Blessings. C.Y.B. is proud to announce "Today We Ready", his upcoming album that's set to be released the last day of September 2020. Currently, the 8-song album is avail
BALTIMORE - -- Mysterious author Israfel Sivad finally released his memoir Disorder. As has often been speculated, it was revealed that "Israfel Sivad" is a pen name. However, the story of the author's life is even more extraordinary... Disorder tells...
Detroit-based greeting card publisher feeds the frenzy with 175-card collection
NEW YORK - -- What's new at HeartOfEarthSciFi.Com? This month, the featured scifi series is "A Cyborg's Progress." It's the story of 17Kevin37, Regional Enforcer for the Epsilon Eridani Sector. In this far-future adventure, a decorated member of the...
43rd annual challenge sees would-be authors battling cabin fever, sleep deprivation and signs of delirium over Labor Day weekend while a pandemic, ragging wildfires, hurricanes and rioting in the streets surround them
Greenleaf Book Group's Director of Business Development and Corporate Communications, Kesley Smith, was selected by Publishers Weekly as a PW Star Watch Honoree for 2020.
LAS VEGAS - -- Histria Books is pleased to announce the release of Vegas Die: A Quest Murder Mystery by bestselling author S.P. Grogan. The book is published by Addison & Highsmith Publishers, an imprint of Histria Books dedicated to outstanding...
-- Today, life without plastic seems next to impossible. The plastic industry can be found anywhere but is especially important in Europe. On the other hand, plastics are causing harm to the environment. In her book "Sustainability in the EU – The...