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DAVENPORT, Iowa - -- Time Traveling Tabbies: Project Roswell is the first adventure of two tabby cats that travel through time to solve the mysteries of the world. Together, Bandit (an old grouchy cat) and Boots (an over-enthused orange tabby) travel to..
Show Daily Publisher Shares Marketing and Communications Ideas for Virtual, Hybrid and Live Events
HOW THE DEER MOON HUNGERS, Susan Wingate's latest novel is available for pre-sale now and available in eBook, paperback, hard copy and audio July 15, 2020
Statistics show that more authors are self-publishing their books now more than ever. In "Put Your Pen to Paper," author and literary coach, Kennisha Griffin, addresses typical challenges and concerns that prevent writers from completing their books.
NEW YORK - -- Wordeee is pleased to announce the debut novel by Jay Manuel, The Wig, The Bitch & The Meltdown, slated for an August 3, 2020 release.
Looking for new and interesting ways to keep your children learning and entertained? You're not alone. Millions of parents are searching for ideas right now.
In the Mind of Magoo is a psychological thriller that is published by Dreaming Big Publications and is now available in paperback and digital copies!
PORTLAND, Ore. - -- Dark Regions Press is offering up to 50% OFF books and collectibles of horror, fantasy and science fiction for a limited-time only! Use coupon code FLASHSALE for 25% off any products in this category - Use coupon code FLASHSALE33 for..
With the COVID-19 pandemic taking a voracious bite out of the pocketbooks of millions of Americans, Piedmont Authors Network has released an anthology of short stories and essays to raise money for COVID-19 relief.
Within 24 hours of receiving a radio release from Devine Jamz Gospel Network, radio industry executives streamed and downloaded Bishop Kervy Brown's new released song for airplay. Devine Jamz anticipate hearing 'He's Coming Back Again' on Christian and Ur
HONG KONG - -- GamePlex Group has launched an eSports news website to help fans, investors, and the wider engaged community follow significant industry news, stay on top of the schedules and scores, and gain unique insights from top eSports experts...