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The Qi Wireless Charging Pad allows you to charge your mobile device more efficiently by just placing it on the pad
New motor controller launches alongside thirteen new BLDC motors
With continued efforts from their nationwide staff and ongoing hard work of the iFacility SHE Manager Rachel Smith, iFacility has once again been awarded full accreditation from Alcumus SafeContractor. This award represents them achieving excellence in...
Organized bi-annually by the Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturers Association, the nations premier Electrical Trade Association, ELECRAMA is one of the largest electrical exhibition platforms in Asia. It is a professionally managed event...
A new crowdfunding campaign on the platform indiegogo aims to fund the development of the best ever portable and rechargeable flashlight.
Indiegogo, yet again prove its innovative approach by showcasing another new and extremely versatile portable LED flashlight Screen Lighting this spring. The crowdfunding site is very enthusiastic to promote entrepreneurs and their avant-garde products...
Screen Lighting is a portable, rechargeable flashlight that illuminates 100 degree. The first of its kind torch is designed to provide users with the desired illumination by ensuring that every area is lightened up by a simple tap on the switch. The...
Fone Store is a leading gadget store that specializes in providing a wide range of smart mobile devices and accessories at remarkably affordable rates. The store offers premium like new products at a fraction of a brand new phone price, ensuring that...
Partnership offers an expanded technical resource for embedded and IoT device developers and enthusiasts
Motor controllers, sensors, LCD screen and encoder among new products released by Phidgets
ROCHESTER, N.Y. - Jan. 24, 2018 - -- The Cathode Ray Tube or CRT is a picture tube found in certain televisions. However it has far reaching capabilities  and has been in demand for decades.
A servo controller, two motion sensors, two input devices and a new single-board computer now available at Phidgets
IXYS UK Westcode announces higher ratings for W2624 and introduces new package option
The HDR 16x16 Plus allows users to route content from any 16 HDMI sources to any 16 displays independently up to 40 feet away with high-quality active cables.
Technology company Duaxi (formerly Alexa Electronics) preps for upcoming crowdfunding campaign in support of their newest product, the Timeshare Alarm Clock
BURGESS HILL, England - Nov. 21, 2017 - -- Many engineers, buyers and procurement specialists require support in finding alternative semiconductor components when the components they regularly use get discontinued or become obsolete.
FMCA members are eligible to receive a 15% discount on any SureCall cell phone signal booster when purchased online from the CellBooster.us online store.
This week IXYS UK Westcode have announced a new pressure contact distributed gate thyristor with increased power density
Now with double the fun. Adding a second screen has never made so much sense
From air cooled to water-cooled heatsinks, GD Rectifiers have the heatsink for all applications
From air cooled to water-cooled heatsinks, GD Rectifiers have the heatsink for all applications