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Zennect Rebrands as an Exclusive Network for Polymaths and Future Historic Icons

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Zennect Zennect Patent Example with Mike Kureth
LOS ANGELES - Jan. 2, 2019 - EntSun -- Zennect has announced it will be rebranding its patented social network to be exclusive for today's Leonardo da Vincis and Aristotles.

Zennect is the only social network to offer users a platform to highlight their many talents in one place.  Users no longer feel limited in how to present themselves by the constraints of a network and are open to new ways of talent discovery.  Skills and credits level by experience points calculated from each project to provide an accurate assessment of a user's abilities.

This patented technology is created for the polymaths of the world, those who do not limit themselves to one title or accept a broken system of random endorsements.

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Michael Kureth, the creator and owner of Zennect, is refocusing the company to showcase the select few who follow the company's mission in advocating substance over superficial.

In a world where random endorsements from strangers is used to value ability and licentious posts value "influencer" worth, Zennect has set itself apart as the distinguished platform for the Leonardo di Vincis of today.

Official Site: Zennect.com

Michael Kureth

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