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You, Google, Microsoft, Facebook Should Use This New Tech For More Growth In The World

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As you know our world has multiple languages, different physical conditions of the public. So, approximately 3 billion people can not type your website name and also Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc.

BATHINDA, India & LOS ANGELES - EntSun -- If a person can not open a website then he or she can not get the benefits from the internet. This revolutionary tool equips the website with effortless navigation accessibility that is easy to operate. This Accessibility tool is supported by many organizations in the world. In fact, educational institutions, Government organizations, and medical facilities also prefer using this tool for their website. This unique invention of the Web Accessibility tool offers domain accessibility that is required for website navigation. This will further allow the users to understand, perceive and interact with website content without language hassle. This tool is a solution that gives benefits directly or indirectly to all visual, neurological, speech, cognitive-motor, and web auditory also.

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The principles of this tool make sure the website accessibility a robust experience with better understandability, operability, and perceivably.

"Method of this tool is that press any 3 keys twice those are easy to type means together on the keyboard and also in a line, for example, ppooii.com, llkkjj.com or mmnnbb.com. Your website can be open by these keys by just copy and pasting a small code from https://atoall.com on your website. When we say that press any 3 keys means no need of any language to type or remember your domain name." said Web Accessibility Tool https://webaccessibilitytool.com/.

How to use it?
  1. Open https://atoall.com. Copy to the code.
  2. Paste to the code on your web site.
  3. Now upload it.
  4. Open your web site in the new tab.
  5. Type in the new tab http://ppooii.com http://llkkjj.com or http://ooiiuu.com
  6. You will see your web site with this new tool.


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The user-friendly tool has already caught the attention of organizations across different industries for growth, with private and government websites looking to leverage its features and benefits to increase the accessibility of their website, enhance the user experience, and improve their overall online presence for growth in the world for disability, accessibility, inclusion, diversity and equality.

To know more about this tool, consider visiting the website — https://atoall.com to understand the new web tech.

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