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VPI Now Offering Waterproof BNC Connectors

IP67-rated weatherproof female coaxial BNC panel mount bulkhead RF jack with solder attachment

AURORA, Ohio - May 11, 2017 - EntSun -- Video Products Inc today announced the addition of the Waterproof BNC Connectors to its popular line of waterproof connectors. The IP67-rated weatherproof coaxial BNC panel mount RF jack & RG59 Male Crimp Connector are ideal for outdoor use with CCTV video surveillance cameras and systems.

VPI's waterproof BNC connectors have an O-ring seal which provides IP67-rated water and dust protection. To achieve IP67 protection, the outside BNC connection must be sealed with either a CAP-WTP-BNC-CST cap or a connected cable with waterproof cable gland.

The BNC-WTP-FS-CS Waterproof BNC Bulkhead Connector features a rear bulkhead panel mount design, with mounting hardware included (hex nut, lockwasher, and grounding tab). The BNC-RG59-CRP-WTP Waterproof BNC RG59 Male Crimper Connector crimps to an RG59 coaxial cable. They are designed to withstand harsh industrial environments, such as factory automation, or outdoor installations where BNC coaxial cable needs to be run from a dry location to a wet one.

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Available for immediate sale, the Waterproof BNC Bulkhead Connector, BNC-WTP-FS-CS, costs $18.05, and the

Waterproof BNC RG59 Male Crimp Connector, BNC-RG59-CRP-WTP, costs $22.05.

For more information, visit https://www.vpi.us/c/waterproof-bnc-connectors-378

Sabrina Moran

Source: Video Products Inc

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