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Top Tips On How To Turn Your Instagram Feed Into An Empire

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TYNE AND WEAR, U.K. - EntSun -- Tip 1: Pick a niche

Notably one of the best features about Instagram is the diversity of it. Whether your interests lie in cooking, fashion, technology, skincare, instant tan, travel, or even hiking — there is no specific industry that the platform is subject to. So, choose your content carefully!

Tip 2: Stay consistent

When it comes to your actual Instagram feed, most influencers choose a particular instant tan colour theme and aesthetic that helps build a consistent and visually pleasing feed. Of course, this isn't essential — it's your own personal brand after all.

Tip 3: Get a business Instagram account

As part of building your brand's foundations, you'll need to switch your account to 'business' in the settings tab. One major aspect of being able to turn your Instagram account into a profitable business is through brand collaborations, all of which can be encouraged through making the switch to a business account.

Tip 4: Strengthen your community, not just grow it.

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It's important not to get too caught up in just building a following on your account but connecting with your followers too. No matter how many followers you have, or have potential to gain, if you don't reach out to connect with your fans then, in the long run, this won't strengthen a solid follower base.

Tip 5: Create a voice for your brand

A picture doesn't always speak a thousand words, so make the most out of the caption space available to help give your posts a personality!

Tip 6: Always include hashtags.

#this and #that, hashtags mean more than just a quirky way to finish off your caption. Hashtags help users with an interest in your particular niche find your account. Think of a real-life situation where you've created a treasure map — but with no clues.

Tip 7: Diversify your platform

Although Instagram is the instant tan https://www.tanologist.com/store/instant/ place to be in 2021 for influencers, it's important to use the other platforms available to expand your follower base. A blog page is a great place to start. By creating a blog and promoting the link to it via your Instagram bio you can help establish your brand more and diversify the type of content you're producing.

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