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The Return Of Comic Book Hero Black Panther Wakanda Forever: Does Film Support The Black Community?

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The excitement of representation of a culture that was replaced by mental manipulation.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. - EntSun -- By: Mooka Da'knowledge Public Relations For So Seductive Kiss Fans

"Black Panther is a gorgeous, groundbreaking celebration of black culture" - Tre Johnson of Vox Media Network

The Oxford languages define a comic as something that cause or meant to cause laughter. When this character was made by Stan Lee Jack Kirby; was it considered a joke? The first appearance of this character was in the month honoring Julius Caesar. It was in the year of 1966; after Anton Szandor LaVey established the church of Satan on April 30th. In around 1975, his comrade Michael Angelo Aquino started an organization called the Temple of Set. He proclaimed that in ancient records of Egypt; the rebellious one was named Set. An ancient Egyptian deity of disorder. According to European records, customs, and traditions, a black cat is associated with devils, witches, witchcraft, and evil. Is this why the making of this character was considered a joke, because of the hidden European meaning? The coming release of the sequel of the Black Panther has led to many different responses. The media host Dr. Watkins proclaims the film portrays weakness towards men. Is he right? He also makes a statement that the revenue generated by the film is a hidden agenda to make financial gains by bamboozling the African American community. There are many people expecting a response from the African American cast as the box office earned close to $1 billion.

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"I haven't done a great deal of it but this was a chance to do more, and bring it to that part of the business, and even more so, but the fact that it was a black superhero was really the catalyst to me." - Blair Underwood (The Golden Blaze)

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