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The Questions You've Always Wanted To Ask About Burqas

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In 2018, Boris Johnson sparked controversy after the said the burqa is ridiculous. He called women that wore it letterboxes. This statement led to further debates as to the usefulness of the attire.

Here's the list: you can wear whatever you want and whenever. Even if a celebrity lashes the Muslim dress, it is not an excuse to ditch your favorite dresses. You shouldn't be cowed to dress the way others because you want to impress them. if you choose to cover yourself in a burqa, that's perfectly okay.

It is assumed that women are forced to wear burqas but this is a false assertion. These days, it is a choice to wear it or not regardless of what the society thinks.

I have outlined some questions some Muslims and new converts ask when they decide to wear a burka. I have brief answers to some of them. Keep reading…

What age can I start wearing the burqa?

There is no exact date to start wearing it. I have seen children wear them and have seen adults too. Mostly, people do not rush in to start wearing burqa but begin with a hijab and graduate into burqa. Wearing a burqa is not age specific as I've seen unmarried ladies and children wear it. if you think you're too young to wear a burqa, then you're wrong.

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Am I allowed to show my face to my husband before marriage?

Gone are the days when marriage is consummated between two strangers. Your soon to be husband can see your face before the wedding day unlike what was practiced in the past. Families arrange for meet-ups between intending couples to make them familiarize themselves with marriage. During the meet-up, the woman can reveal her face. Her father, uncles, and brothers can see her face too.

How do I prove my femininity when I'm covered?

The answer is simple. There are so many things you can do that tells everyone that you are a woman and love it. It is falsely believed that a woman who wears burqa is not fashionable. Well, you can adorn yourself with a beautiful bag and shoe. If they don't believe your burqa, they'll believe your shoes and bags. How about spicing things up with a subtle perfume? this adds a touch of perfection to your appearance.

Can I wear makeup under my burqa?

If you're a makeup fan, then you may find this difficult to swallow. People do not see your face when you walk on the street so why bother about makeup? If you feel obliged to wear makeup probably for an important event, y6ou can make it mild so that it doesn't stain your burqa. Above all, wearing a makeup under your veil is all about choice.stats
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