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"The Girl from Sweden" Film Premiere

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Rock Riddle as Benny in "The Girl from Sweden" Rock Riddle as Benny - Harlan Post as Hod Lani and Hod on Clydesdales as Benny Looks On This Picture Tells the Story Still Benny, Harlan and Director Bob Brill Take a Break
Created, Written, Produced and Directed by Radio Icon Bob Brill

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - Nov. 17, 2017 - EntSun -- "I'm excited about this film!"

Those words filled the room, projected in the familiar dynamic manner that immediately captured the attention of all who were present.  The familiar voice was that of radio icon Bob Brill.

"Nearly a year ago," Bob explained, "I was invited to lunch with several entertainment industry friends.  Our group was introduced to a lovely young lady by the name of Linnea Persson.  We discussed many things – her home in Sweden, her move to Hollywood, her absolute resolve in accelerating her success in the film business. . ."  He paused for a moment, smiled slightly, then added, ". . . and horses. . .  By the end of lunch, I had a movie playing in my head.  I told the young actress that I was going to write, produce, and direct a movie with her in a starring role.  And that's what happened.  Less than a year later, the private 'World Premiere' screening of 'The Girl from Sweden' is taking place.  It will be attended by cast, crew, and some 'very interesting' film industry VIP's."

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The film stars the lovely Linnea Persson, "handsome hunk" Harlan Post, and Professional Wrestling Hall of Famer Rock Riddle as "Benny."  Several animals are featured including a coyote and two beautiful Clydesdale horses ridden by . . . oh, wait, sorry, no spoilers.   The audience will be introduced to a modern-day cowboy and his mentally challenged ranch hand, both of whom fall in love with the same young woman.  It's a tragic tale of "love gone bad."

"In just a few weeks 'The Girl from Sweden' will hit the film festival circuit," producer Bob Brill explained with the exuberance of a proud father.  "I believe it will do very well at the festival level."

"I'm so happy to have been able to work with such a wonderful cast and crew,"
Bob Brill continued.  "The actors got virtually every scene in one take.  We shot at four locations in one day and we even wrapped 40% earlier than we had planned.  Linnea, multi-talented individual that she is, even wrote and performed two original songs for the film."  Bob smiled broadly and added "I love working with professionals!"


Bob Brill and cast members are available for interviews.

Bob Brill is represented by Paula McAfee, Starcraft Talent Agency, (818) 403-1105, starcraftagency@gmail.com

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