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I Stephen Byrd 10 years ago created 10 Minute Movies for Mobile Devices

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The reason Quibi quit is because they were to self centered to hire and listen to Stephen Byrd

UPPER MARLBORO, Md. - EntSun -- Today Quibi decided to shut down. This did not have to happen and here's why, explained by the original creator of 10 Minutes Movies and Entertainment to Mobile Devices, Stephen Byrd, Quibi called themselves a genius for coming up with an idea that was created 10 years prior, but that not why I am mad, I am disappointed because they wouldn't hire and listen to me the original creator of 10 Minute Movies and Entertainment. I sent directly to Quibi on multiple occasions, that they were making some serious mistakes and if they did not listen they were going to be short lived,. I also told them the one thing you did great was you got 1.7 billion dollars invested into you when I couldn't get 10 dollars invested into me. But with that being said I was still willing to help these guys at Quibi become a success, I told them very clearly that they can bring me aboard as a consultant pay me a huge fee and I have the solution for success. I also told them that their format was wrong.

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Now because Quibi is going out of business I am now going to do something that most will consider crazy, I am going to put out to the world how I Stephen Byrd the real genius who created 10 Minute Movies and Entertainment to Mobile Devices. (This Information was never told to Quibi because they would not hire me to save them.

How I would have saved Quibi:
The problem with Quibi: They were putting to much effort into a design feature with the sideways angle crap and they were reaching the wrong audience for 10 Minute Movies and Entertainment for Mobile Devices. They were spending all their money on named adult actors to provide content to viewers and the viewers were not interested in watching these people on their phones.

The Solutions: To primarily create content for kids. We should take existing movies like Coming to America, Gone With the Wind, Forrest Gump, but these movies should be with all kid actors acting in all the roles, and with each movie 10 minutes long.

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My goal is to cater to the younger generation and let them grow with us as this idea of 10 Minute Movies and Entertainment to Mobile Devices is like a kid growing as well.
Now their are other great ways I would have made Quibi a huge success but let this be a lesson to others, if you steal a genius idea at least bring aboard the genius who created the idea.


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