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Shocking Hair Horror Stories You Won't Believe

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School Of Lice Lice Drives Moms Crazy
Two Lice Ladies Reveal What Desperate Moms Will Do To Kill Lice

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. - May 11, 2018 - EntSun -- When it comes to head lice, desperate times have called for desperate (unfortunate) actions. Pam Skinner and Diana Smentkowski have seen it all in the past 5 years in their head lice removal salon Picky Pam at the Beach. "It's amazing what people will do in a panic". True stories include:

* A mom who used Household Bleach on her 10 year old daughter. She read on the internet that bleach kills lice...and it does..ON BRUSHES not heads!"

* I remember someone who took an Oral Flea Pill prescribed for DOGS!"

* One desperate parent used Ant & Bug Spray on their 4 year old child, and when it did not work, they repeated it the next day.

* Using undiluted essential oils which can burn skin on contact.

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* Dying a child's hair with permanent hair color to kill lice.

Smentkowski added, "There are many home remedies that claim to kill head lice: peanut butter, olive oil, Mint Mouthwash, Petroleum Jelly, mayonnaise, Face Cleanser, tea tree oil, cedar oil, vinegar, the list goes on and on. There is an element of truth to most of them, but most often, ineffective." Skinner suggests investing in a professional quality nit comb like Nit Free or NitNabber (available this summer). A good comb, conditioner mixed with water, watch our 4 minute tutorial video (www.LiceFreeKids.com), repeated every 4 days for 2-3 weeks can do the trick. In our salon, we use a non-toxic enzyme based product like Coco Loco Leave-In Lice Treatment . "When it comes to lice...don't believe everything you read!" warns Smentkowski.

For more information and tutorial videos visit: http:// www.LiceFreeKids.com.

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