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Rock Guitarist Reveals Secrets Of Sweep Picking Technique

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Tom Hess discusses how to sweep pick using his free online guide.

CHICAGO - EntSun -- Famous rock guitarist and professional musician Tom Hess has unveiled an online resource explaining the little-known secrets to mastering sweep picking technique.

In his online resource, Tom Hess discusses one of the biggest misconceptions that many guitar players have about sweep picking and why it causes them to make slow progress when learning this technique.

"So many guitar players make the same mistakes, such as not maintaining momentum in their picking hand while sweeping. This kills your progress and makes playing arpeggios feel very hard, when they should feel easy and effortless."

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He continues: "Another common mistake is to practice sweep picking arpeggios with a clean guitar tone most of the time. People think distortion is bad because it covers up your mistakes. However, the truth is just the opposite. Playing guitar with distortion amplifies your mistakes, so you know exactly what is wrong and what to work on to get better."

Hess also discusses the common occurrence of guitarists playing parts of an arpeggio faster or slower than other parts. This results in sweep picking that has poor timing and sounds sloppy overall. Hess proposes a solution for this in the form of a video demonstration.

Hess's online resource about sweep picking can be located on his website: https://tomhess.net/How-To-Sweep-Pick

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