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Protect Child and Parent Privacy with T-shirts and Apps, "XPAND Declaration" Released in Europe

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XPAND Declaration Most Advanced Social Media - XPAND Declaration Service - XPAND Declaration XPAND Declaration Packs XPAND Code for a football stadium XPAND K.K.
The privacy solution "XPAND Declaration" that uses "XPAND Code" has been released in Europe.
When you read the T-shirt on a smartphone, a declaration that says "Don't Upload Me" appears. We plan to provide APIs so that social media and search sites can recognize the declaration on the server and automatically prohibit uploads.

CHUO-KU, Japan - EntSun -- You and Your Children Need Also the "Freedom Not to Be Posted"
Aren't you uncomfortable with photos of yourself being uploaded to SNS without your knowledge?
It's especially annoying when children's photos are uploaded without permission.
Once the photos start flowing on the net, you can't control them yourself.

If you could say "Don't Upload Me" in the photo...

"XPAND Declaration" is a new platform where you can declare how your photos should be treated.


Currently, two services are available:
- Declaration displays on smartphones

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- Declaration notifications in JSON to other servers

With current AI technology, it is easy to identify and read XPAND Codes in images, to extract only people wearing the T-shirts, and to process their images.
In other words, many ICT companies can immediately begin reading XPAND Codes in photos and videos, and automatically process your portrait according to your declaration.
Looking ahead, we want to involve various people and companies and realize the following in the near future.

Most Advanced SNS - A warning appears if you try to upload a photo that contains the "Don't Upload Me" declaration.
Most Advanced Search Engine - Photos containing the "Don't Upload Me" declaration will not appear in search results, and their cache will be deleted.
Most Advanced Smartphone - A warning will be displayed if you try to photograph a person displaying the "Don't Upload Me" declaration.

First, we will launch this product in the form of a T-shirt, but by this summer we will release an XPAND Code issuing service that supports XPAND Declaration.

Anyone can attach XPAND Codes to anything, so you can make "Declarations" on various products.

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XPAND Declaration Comes to Europe
We have released 6 packs and 5 rewards on KissKissBankBank, one of the largest crowdfunding platforms in Europe.
These packs include XPAND Declaration compatible T-shirts. We're also offering Early Bird / Super Early Bird rewards for early birders.

XPAND K.K. provides XPAND Code, the barcode solution for space. XPAND Code links with your smartphone even from far away distances without ruining the design of the sign or scenery.


XPAND Code Generator
Japan's METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

Source: XPAND K.K.
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