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Practical Tools For Inward pursuits

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OAKVILLE, Ontario - EntSun -- Like an oak tree hidden inside an acorn, a mantra holds immense potential. In the ancient language of Sanskrit, 'Bija' means 'Seed'. A Bija Mantra is a one syllable word that has no meaning. Part of a mantra or a mantra in itself, a Bija is a source of power and an important tool for attuning body and mind with the deepest Self.

I'm Haley. I am a yoga teacher, meditation coach and a multi-maker.

When I learned to chant many years ago, I made myself a mala so I could count the Sanskrit mantras along with my gifted teacher.  Then I made a mala for the yoga studio where I trained. Then I made Malas for friends and now it's a hobby gone wild!

The malas I make have a signature design. I divide the mala into four equal parts following the Tibetan tradition. I usually use two complimentary colours with a gemstone pendant. I use a strong nylon cord for tying knots between each bead because I find it stretches less than other cords.

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It is our wish to inspire you to explore and manifest all that you already are. Bija Life offers a collection of practical pieces for spiritual pursuits. They are designed with the intention of enhancing the growth of your inner journey toward awareness, wisdom, peace and joy.

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