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"Politicians Checklist To Win Elections" has been published!

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Answers to why politicians of all parties run for election and re-election to public office in a simple checklist form.

CHINO, Calif. - EntSun -- James Colozzo has just published a new book about politics and elections called "Politicians Checklist To Win Elections." It is available at Amazon in Paperback and Kindle or on Apple Books.

With the election season in high gear it's time to wonder about the motives of people seeking election or re-election to public office. Why do people spend so much money to be elected to a public office and spend even more to be re-elected? What is the prize for running and being elected to public office? Is it for power, money, ego or to actually help the US citizen? For an interesting look into why politicians run for office, check out the new book "Politicians Checklist To Win Elections" at AnOldTimersOpinion.com.

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Mr. Colozzo for years has been an advocate for caregiving of the elderly, appeared on television and has been interviewed for retirement and caregiving articles. Now a senior citizen himself, he is relying on his over 45 years of self-employed experience and knowledge. AnOldTimersOpinion.com is a website that features opinions based on James Colozzo's years of experience and knowledge. It is a way for younger people to learn about ideas and events from a real person instead of technology. It is also fun to read what a cranky Old Timer has to say about current events. The idea is to learn from the past so you don't make the same mistakes in the future.

About James Colozzo

Born and raised in California, James Colozzo was self-employed when he decided to take care of his elderly parents. James spent over twenty years of his life 24/7 caring for his parents and wrote a book about his caregiving experience. James Colozzo also designed a theft deterrent overlock to slow down thieves breaking into mini storage units. Recently Mr. Colozzo launched "An Old Timer's Opinion" which is website featuring his opinions that look at current subjects and topics through the eyes of An Old Timer. His new book "Politicians Checklist To Win Elections" is a look into the world of politics and elections.

James Colozzo

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