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Paragon FX Group Reveals The Secrets Behind Making Goonies Prop Replicas

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Goonies Adventure Collection by Paragon FX Group
A Peek Into The World Of The Artisans Who Craft Museum Quality Collectibles

NEW YORK - EntSun -- As Goonies Day approaches on June 7th, marking the 38th anniversary of the film's release, the wizards of props at Paragon FX Group participated in a Q&A to talk about their secrets.

Q: Is everyone at PFG a Goonies fan?

A: When we first started negotiating our contract with Warner Brothers, one of the first films we asked for was GOONIES. It's a favorite of literally everyone on our team.
Plenty of companies and private artists had already produced the copper bones key, the doubloon, and the map - so we wanted to do something different - - But how can you make something "the same" - but different and ideally, better?

Q: What does PFG consider the ultimate Goonies prop to be?

A: The key piece of our Goonies adventure set is the famed Copper Bones key.  Other companies have attempted to recreate this in the past and we wanted to create something collectors could showcase with the props they already own, not instead of. So we based our key on the newly rediscovered key prop that a well known actor took home from set and  forgot about for years.  This Copper Bones key is a uniquely specific sculpt compared to previous versions, and fits in perfectly with PFG's vision for the set.

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Q: …and the second most iconic Goonies prop?

A: The doubloon!  This piece was based on an authentic film prop which was auctioned a few years back. Fun fact - the back of this coin is loosely based on a 1561 English Sixpence.

Q: Well, once you have the key and doubloon, the only thing you need is….

A: The map! The piece which starts the entire adventure.  Warner Bros. provided us with a clean image of what was referred to as a "crew gift" map. This was the map from the film, minus the hand written notes and drawings. Once we completed our redraw of the crew map, we lined up movie screen captures and replicated the (oftentimes difficult to decipher) handwriting and transcribed it onto the final piece.  Digital weathering finished the look and set us off on our adventure.

All three of these items are packaged together as part of the Goonies Adventure Collection

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McAndrew Burns, Executive Director of the Oregon Film Museum says  "The Oregon Film Museum is right where The Goonies all began.  The care and detail Paragon FX Group put into their replicas is amazing.  This is definitely the right stuff and One-Eyed Willy himself would be fooled."

Tyler Ham

Source: Paragon FX Group
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