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North Carolina Writer, Rita Berman, Does it Again

A discussion of Ariana Mangum's Books and Columns is the subject of Rita Berman's latest book.

MEBANE, N.C. - May 10, 2017 - EntSun -- Ariana Mangum had a 60-year career of teaching and lived in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She wrote numerous opinion pieces for The Chapel Hill News and six books – a historical novel, "A Forgotten Landscape;" a story for children, "Carlos, the Mouse who Discovered America"; and a collection of short stories for children, "When the Goldenrod Sang in the Meadows." These were followed by a guide for assisting children to read, "Where the Butterflies Roam," and another historical novel about a Welsh family that receive a Land Grant in Virginia in 1828, titled "A Shenandoah Promise."

Shortly before her death on March 2, 2017, Mrs. Mangum published a small collection of amusing stories that she called "The Misadventures of Agnes Randolph." All are available on Amazon.

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Rita Berman is an award-winning freelance writer and former journalist who has published hundreds of articles, columns, and a half dozen books. Her reference book, "The A - Z of Writing and Selling," was a featured alternate of the Writer's Digest Book Club in 1981. "Parallel Lives" was the memoir she published in 2016 of growing up in the East End of London during the Second World War.

After her husband died in 1993 and she faced life alone, Rita Berman published her experiences in "The Dating Adventures of a Widow." This newest book explains that Ariana had, as one friend put it, "a need to write that was as necessary as food, water, and shelter."

Rita Berman, writer-editor

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