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New Music by Marine Veteran Turned Pianist and Guitarist

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Brett Wayne Lee: You Won't Believe What This Former Marine is Doing Now... And We're Loving It!

MILWAUKEE - EntSun -- There's something special about a live performance. The energy, the connection between artist and audience. It's an experience that can't be replicated. And that's why we're so excited to introduce you to Brett Wayne Lee.

Brett Wayne Lee is a phenomenal pianist and guitarist who left the Marines in 2008. He toured local pubs and clubs with a few Rock N Roll bands before going solo in 2020. He has played in front of raving crowds in the United Kingdom and Dubai, including becoming a weekly regular inside of the Brit Pubs. He has been an avid advocate of PTSD and performed in front of 6,000 troops at a base in Ireland in support of  Bjorn Again.

Brett Wayne Lee was the lead singer of most the bands he toured locally with. The groups gained some success, but after a while, Brett started to feel like he was ready to strike out on his own. He felt like he had more to say musically than the band was allowing him to express, and so he made the decision to go solo. He hasn't looked back since!

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"Move Close to Me" is a love story about meeting your soulmate for the first time. The black-key heavy intro sets the scene, and my reflections are on the rollercoaster emotions of love and anticipation. Hopefully, this will tap into those same emotions for you.

Brett wrote the song "No Rules" after his sixth year working in Afghanistan. He was starting to feel frustrated that all our efforts to help the people there seemed to be going to waste. It's not just the loss of life in war that's hard to deal with, it's also the way it changes people—both the soldiers and the civilians. They often lose themselves in the mess that is war. Just another "Stan" as we say in the military.

Brett Wayne Lee is a man of many talents. A marine veteran, pianist, guitarist, and music artist, he has had an eventful life full of new experiences. After leaving the Marines in 2008, he toured local pubs and clubs with a few rock n roll bands before deciding to go solo in 2020. His new song, "Move Close to Me," is about love at first sight, and "No Rules" is about the loss of life in the military. We encourage you to check out his music and support him in his future endeavors!

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Check out the interview Brett Wayne Lee did on the Kinetic PE MIXX Show below or if you enjoy listening via podcast click here (https://www.spreaker.com/episode/51888916).

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