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New Electronic Dance Music Label Kicks Off a Live In-person Show at Madison, WI's Liquid Ve

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The new, non-traditional, StreamTribe Records music label brings their roster of online streaming talent to the live stage

MADISON, Wis. - EntSun -- StreamTribe Records and EDM Magazine is a new, non-traditional music label based in Madison, WI. They will be showcasing their roster of electronic dance music (EDM) and DJ talent at Madison's premiere EDM venue, Liquid (https://bit.ly/3tgonwG), on Saturday September 11, 2021. The other worldly "Madison Invasion" themed showcase will feature Psy-Trance EDM artist, PSYMILL, headlining along with Minneapolis-based EDM artist Devyn Key (House music) and Madison's own DJ Stacktrace (House music) opening the evening. The event will kick off at 6:00pm CDT. Ticket information is available on the StreamTribe website (http://StreamTribe.Live).

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StreamTribe is a non-traditional label that partners with its artists to provide marketing, promotion, career coaching and development services to grow the artists' fanbase community and revenue. StreamTribe has a global reach as its artists' are primarily online leveraging streaming platforms like Twitch to reach and grow their audiences. StreamTribe never owns the artist nor their music rights, but rather provides a service to select music creators to help grow and expand their business as an artist.

StreamTribe is an electronic dance music (EDM) media and label brand of the Madison-based parent company Eleven Music Career Center, LLC, which is geared towards helping music creators in all genres learn the business of their musical craft to earn and sustain more money from their endeavor. In this way, StreamTribe aligns well with Eleven's artist-first mentality.

"We began StreamTribe with EDM artists and DJs because that kind of music has a large global reach and appeal. Those artists tend to already be leveraging streaming platforms like Twitch to showcase their talent and reach people who love their energetic styles of music. We don't want to change that for our artists. We simply want to help them reach more people and educate them on how to sustain a living doing what they love from the business side of the equation. In that way, StreamTribe ends up being a bit of a business accelerator for DJs and producers who see themselves doing this as a full time career" explains Matt Jacoby, cofounder of StreamTribe Records and Eleven Music Career Center.

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Jacoby continues
, "We're excited to really kick off the label's existence with a live, in-person show at Liquid. Beyond that, it feels great to know we're helping music creators grow their fanbase and earn more money from the craft they love."

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