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New Coffee Brand Launches Direct To Consumer Website

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NEW YORK - EntSun -- Stark Coffee Company
Barista quality coffee at home

New Coffee Brand Launches Direct To Consumer Website

Stark Coffee, created by veteran Canadian retailer, Philip Stark,  has launched an online business selling high quality coffee beans direct to consumers. The founder explains that he has been on a relentless quest for over 20 years to make the perfect home-brewed cup of coffee. He believes that he has now come up with the perfect selections.

Target customers are coffee connoisseurs, baristas or people who appreciate fine coffee and enjoy making and experimenting with coffee recipes in their home. Customers have the ease of ordering online and can sign up for a subscription of their choice, which takes away the need to constantly place orders. The concept is all about making and drinking the premium coffee at home, as good as or better than you would get in an Italian coffee shop.

The company roasts and purchases only "top of the crop" beans at premium prices - single origin beans that are fire-roasted which adds more flavor. Roasting techniques are meticulously handcrafted by expert artisans using a century-old secret technique. Stark describes the coffee as Authentic, Exquisite and Exceptional – the best tasting coffee in the Universe. "It shouldn't be the norm that a cup of coffee today is so ridiculously expensive, low quality, poorly brewed, mass produced and bitter – and often disguised with syrups and sugar. In addition, it's the coffee farmer who suffers because they are not always paid fair prices for their crop", says the Founder.

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The direct-to-consumer strategy passes savings back to the customer, allowing for best-value pricing. Customers receive 33% more beans in every bag for up to 20% less dollars, generally 4 oz. more beans for less dollars than most competitors.

About Stark Coffee Inc:  Stark Coffee is a direct-to-consumer online coffee brand, selling high quality beans to consumers for home-use. The company also sells top-rated coffee brewers, grinders, kettles, scales and espresso cups. The website also offers coffee knowledge, home brewing guidelines, education on coffee taste and recipes for favorite coffee types.


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