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New CERT / FEMA-focused Kit Simplifies Emergency Animal Shelter Intake (EASI)

PetHub offers community emergency response teams, animal first responders, and FEMA certified responders a new solution to help quickly process animals being rescued after a natural or manmade disaster

WENATCHEE, Wash. & SEATTLE - May 9, 2017 - EntSun -- PetHub.com, creator of North America's (Canada & United States) fastest way to get lost animals home again, today announced its new EASi™ Card (Emergency Animal Shelter Intake card) that is focused on assisting animal shelters in emergency situations to quickly process and manage animals after a natural or manmade disaster.

"Sadly, the fact is that livestock and household pets are left behind in disaster situations that require quick evacuation of human life," said Tom Arnold, Founder of PetHub, Inc. "The teams of volunteers and trained first responders must contend with organized chaos. A large amount of that effort is focused on helping the animals that could not make it out of the disaster area in time. The purpose of PetHub's new Emergency Animal Shelter Intake card is to simplify the intake and eventual reuniting of those animals with their caretakers."

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The PetHub EASi™ card leverages the proven results of the PetHub.com system that was launched in 2010. PetHub's new, original concept has revolutionized pet identification by utilizing mobile GPS, the Internet, cellular phones, combined with good old fashioned telephone support by agents located in the United States. As a result, 96% of PetHub returned animals get home in under 24-hours.

Comprised of one large credit card sized identification card and 5 smaller and uniquely colored ID tags, the EASi card can be placed on a pet's collar or halter, crate / kennel / stall, paperwork, and peg board as the animal's progress is tracked from intake, through decontamination, to caretaking, and finally to eventual release. "An EASi card has a unique ID shared with its smaller snap-off cards so that only one identifier needs to be called into the PetHub call center or typed into the web site when setting up the animal's profile," noted Arnold. "One of the ID cards can even be provided to the animal's caretaker either physically or electronically to help in claiming the animal after the disaster situation."

The EASi card was tested by emergency animal first responders in Arnold's home state of Indiana to help in its development. The multiple methods of activating and accessing the pet's information – through Internet, cellular services, and land lines – was critical in proving its usefulness and demonstrating it was meeting a real need in the animal emergency community.

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"The team is very impressed," said Dawn Sorg, a first responder at Nature's Way Animal Rescue. "The red, yellow and green tags work well and can be used for different purposes depending on the incident needs," she noted. "Plus, tracking with the PetHub system using the 'quick response' number works nicely so that when there's no power or Internet, it is still a very functional system."

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PetHub, Inc., was founded in 2010 and is directly responsible for returning thousands of animals to their families. Awards and recognition have come to PetHub from Pet Business magazine, Business Insider, Dog Fancy magazine, Popular Mechanics and many others. PetHub works directly with pet owners, shelters, emergency managers, municipalities and non-profits to help keep animals safe. PetHub's products and partners' products work with the free pethub.com service, including a free, fully staffed 24-hour call center located in the United States. Each tag includes lifetime access to the service with no additional fee required. https://youtu.be/GkXQvQvb1-g

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Source: PetHub, Inc.

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