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NevadaHealthInsuranceSpecialists.com Talks Plain English With Clients

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NevadaHealthInsuranceSpecialists.com talks to clients about Nevada life, health and supplemental insurance policies in simple every day language without the confusing industry jargon

EntSun - Feb. 12, 2015 - LAS VEGAS -- "Buying insurance for you and your family is a very personal thing. Let's face it we are talking about health and death. Given that, I don't understand why the insurance industry as a whole uses impersonal trade jargon that only alienates and confuses those consumers they want to serve." states Frank Arbizu, President of NevadaHealthInsuranceSpecialists.com

Las Vegas based, NevadaHealthInsuranceSpecialists.com, has relationships with the major insurance companies for life, health and supplemental policies in Nevada. After listening to your specific needs they research the policies for your situation. You receive free insurance quotes that allow you to make an informed decision.

Arbizu continues, "For instance, I remember the days when doctors were doctors and nurses were nurses. When and why did the insurance industry feel the need to turn them into providers and practitioners? "

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"You don't have health conditions anymore you have indications. The industry refers to hospitals as delivery systems. I don't know whether I'm going to get treated or shipped somewhere by FedEx?"

"Being in the industry it is tough to keep up with the programs and the PPOs, and HMOs. But rest assured it will all be spelled out on your EOB! That cleared it all up!"

"As humans in a purchasing situation that is confusing one of two things generally happen, we do nothing or possibly rush the purchase and make the wrong decision. Both could be costly."

"We can't change how the major insurance companies speak to the mass market but we can change how we, as an agent/broker, interact with you."

"Our assignment is to put ourselves in the clients shoes. What information do I need to hear in plain English? Then we act as interpreters by taking all the industry jargon and translate it back into simple everyday language. "

"By explaining your options in everyday language, you have the opportunity to see all the options that are available and make an informed decision for your situation," concludes Arbizu.

For more information Frank Arbizu  may be reached at 702-573-7766 or go to http://www.NevadaHealthInsuranceSpecialists.com

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