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Near Sold-Out May 23, 2024 Grand Opening Introduces 100 Films Retreat Selections From 100 Countries

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100 #5 Founding Curator Phillip E. Walker-MFA appears the day before on Dr. E. Faye William's "Woke" Radio Show to Discuss his many Services to the Field which are establishing in the World's consciousness that Short Films come from Rancho Cucamonga!

D.C., D.C. - EntSun -- Employed as full-time Hollywood talent, PhilE's (stage name) passion is starring in and marketing his own short film productions, which are now created entirely in Rancho Cucamonga, California USA. That Inland Empire region of Southern California All-American City is the future home of America's first ever high-speed railroad station hub. Therein, beginning during the 2028 Summer Olympics, passengers will be whisked to Las Vegas, Nevada from the Brightline-West Cucamonga Station.

While Phillip's hometown grows due to this history making transportation development, Walker is simultaneously establishing an equally unique presence therein for the World's short films.

Tomorrow (5/22/24) at 10:00 am EST on her "Wake Up and Stay Woke" iHeart.com radio show, Washington, DC's Dr. E. Faye Williams will remotely interview this California artist / activist to explore his:

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1. Hollywood labor including this month's 101st Official Music Video homeless man transformation principal role shoot with a two time Grammy Award winner.

2. AfricanAmericanDramaCompany.com Phillip E Walker Acting Retrospective Series, which is now presented during every 100 Films Retreat

3. Walker Entertainer Academy (WEA) multi award winning independent film production company, which created the ever popular, 200+ awarded SweetestVacation.com

4. Ongoing negotiations with LA's Entertainment Oxygen to supply upgrading of 100 Films Retreat filmmaker presentation

5. Particular activity during this Memorial Holiday weekend's 100 Films Retreat #5 quarterly filmmaker gathering in The RC's Shiloh retreat facility, which will host live & in-person international filmmakers, entertainment industry representatives and dignitaries such as Rancho Cucamonga Mayor Pro Tem Lynne B. Kennedy, with a few AllEvents.by/PhilE tickets still available

6. Next WEA film creation, the already 22 award winning HaplessRevenge.com, an Original Juneteenth Tale at https://walkerentertainera.wixstudio.io/haplessrevenge, which will open 100 Films Retreat #5 at 6:00pm PST May 23rd, 2024 with the first ever Full-Cast Stage-Reading of Iranian Sasan Golfar's Screenplay

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7. Best Social Media Star Awarded Johnnie Mae Greene's "On The Move" Facebook & Instagram Live Interviews

8. 100 #5 FilmSubmitSuccess.com this Friday (5/24/24) at 6:00pm Workshop, which shows artists how to secure awards & screenings for their films & videos without enduring rejection

9. May 31st filmfreeway.com/FilmsRetreat opening of video and film submissions for 100 Films Retreat #6 screenings to be held August 15-18 in Rancho Cucamonga, California USA.

10. And maybe even more, if time allows.

View the 100 Films Retreat #5 screening film's commercials at https://youtu.be/fxov_9MlbbI

Phillip Eugene Walker-MFA

Source: Walker Entertainer Academy
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