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Mystery Disguise Celebrates 25 years of the Yamaha DJX Keyboard

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Electronic artist Mystery Disguise has released a new album titled "Yamaha DJX 25". The entire project was created using the iconic keyboard, highlighting its versatility and range as a production tool.

LONDON - EntSun -- Mystery Disguise is no stranger to the electronic music scene, with three decades of experience in the industry.

This new release marks a departure from the musician's usual style, as the use of the DJX allows for a wide range of sounds and textures not possible with other instruments.

"I've always been a fan of the Yamaha DJX, ever since I purchased one in the late 90s," Nathan, from Mystery Disguise, says, "To me, it's the perfect balance between analogue warmth and digital precision. I wanted to pay tribute to the instrument that has been such a big part of my life, and what better than creating an entire album with it?"

"Yamaha DJX 25" features a mix of up-tempo dance tracks and atmospheric, down-tempo cuts, highlighting the full range of the DJX's capabilities. From the pulsating synths of "Electric Dreams" to the emotive keys of "Nostalgia," the album is a journey through the world of electronic music.

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Thus, "Yamaha DJX 25" is a celebration of a classic piece of music technology and fans of this timeless synthesiser will enjoy this release from one of the quiet artists of electronic music. The album will be available, January 09, 2023, on all major streaming platforms.

In addition, visually clever music videos accompany the high-tempo album. The title track has robotic dancers who synchronise with the pulsing rhythm and soaring synths. Therefore, the sleek and futuristic design of this video injects a powerful high-energy vibe to complement the album.

Check out the mesmerizing video for "Yamaha DJX 25"


Website http://mysterydisguise.co.uk

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