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Life.io MIND launched to expand policyholder insights

PHILADELPHIA - Jan. 12, 2017 - EntSun -- Life.io, the leader in digital consumer engagement and policyholder insights, today announced the addition of MIND feature set to the Life.io's cloud-based SaaS platform. MIND will serve to help users improve their mental outlook, analyze personality, and improve their overall mental health. The addition of MIND to the market leading BODY and ADVISOR suite makes Life.io the most personal, captivating, and proactive engagement and policy recommendation platform in today's market.

MIND will improve policyholder insights for individuals and insurers, leading to increased persistency and lifetime value. The insights from MIND will improve the already robust persona development functionality of Life.io's platform to help insurer better understand and relate to policyholders though the ups and downs of life.

Jon Arnold, the SVP of Product, at Life.io stated, "The MIND update to the Life.io platform creates a new dimension and understanding of life insurance policyholders that is not currently available anywhere else in the life insurance space. With this we can better segment and provide a detailed persona of the policyholder."

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The connected customer is transforming the life insurance industry. Customers' attention has shifted from TVs and desktop computers to a variety of connected mobile devices and life insurers need another vehicle to reach their customers. The Life.io platform help insurers identify and engage customers and prospects in new and exciting ways. This paradigm shift is creating new opportunities for carriers to be even smarter about how they connect, understand, and provide the right products to their customers at the right time.

With Life.io, insurers can capture constant evolving policyholder data to unify, segment, and activate them for smarter marketing, sales, and risk mitigation. Furthermore, insurers will be able to leverage the millions of customer engagement data points and insights to reveal new, high value segments. With better policyholder intelligence, life insurers will be able to drive better decision making

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Life.io has consistently built consumer engagement pathways and journeys that policyholders want to take. By delivering smarter 1-to-1 customer journeys at scale and drive business performance life insurers will be able to engage smartly with their policyholders.

About Life.io

Founded in 2012, Life.io has become the leader in the digital consumer engagement space. Life.io revolutionized how insurers engage with their employees, clients and customers by creating a fun and rewarding environment where they actively interact with their carriers to achieve physical, mental, and financial goals. The act of constant engagement allows Life.io to capture insights and life change events, create brand champions, decrease policy risk, and streamline the underwriting process. Learn more at www.life.io.

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