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How to change Facebook password?

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Facebook is one of the most popular search engines and works only on a password without which no one can access any of the Facebook accounts but there are a few scenarios when a user need to change or recover the password.

When the user suspects a password leak of his account (Process)

·         Choose Online. Visit the website of Facebook.

·         Enter the details. Give Email ID & Phone Number and click on Login button.

·         Visit settings. Go to Settings and click on Security and login.

·         Change Password. Navigate to the Login section and click on Edit button.

·         Make a New Password. Enter the current password and create a new password & confirm it, click Save Changes.

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When the user needs to recover the lost account (Process)

•          Visit Online. Make an online visit at the website of Facebook.

•          Forget Password. On the page of entering the credentials, click on the button of forgotten account and enter the Email ID or phone number to search Facebook account.

•          Select mode of recovery. Select the medium of recovery for a Facebook account either use "Email ID or Phone Number".

•          Receive & enter the code. If you have selected Phone Number then you will receive the code via SMS otherwise you will get the recovery Email and enter the recovery code.

After this, a user will be able to know how to change Facebook password using the methods which are given above.stats
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