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Henry Robinson Diagnosed With Terminal Failure

Emerging Author, Matt Chansky, launches novelette "A Good Man Henry"

PRINCETON, N.J. - July 25, 2016 - EntSun -- The debut novelette "A Good Man Henry," by emerging author Matt Chansky, is being launched July 25, 2016 and will be available as an eBook online through Amazon with a print version to be launched later in 2016.

To encourage readers to discover this compelling story, "A Good Man Henry" is being discounted to an introductory price of 99 cents. "A Good Man Henry" can be read as magical realism or a satirical novelette. At 25,000 words, it reads as a short novel.

Hard-working family man Henry Robinson is told that he's dying of "failure" in this offbeat story of Middle America gone awry. His mundane routine is turned upside down as he struggles to stay right side up. The story is a vehicle for exploring the ups and downs that Millennials and Generation Z face in America today.

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The work of fiction visits prevalent themes of middle-age burnout and mortality in America. For Generation Z, the novelette weaves in pressing issues of divorce, drug abuse, and self-harm.

Heavy contemporary themes hover in the background while a simple and easy to read story is being told. Ultimately, it's a story about people — how we relate to each other and ourselves, or not.

The novelette takes its time to develop multi-layered characters. In addition to the main character, Henry, the story focuses on two strong, but very different, women — Henry's new friend Jade and Henry's wife Mara.

Jade is a beautiful young Generation Z with suicidal thoughts. Together, she and Henry share their observations about life's authentic struggles — loneliness, pressures to succeed, fulfillment, and overcoming the past.

There are numerous references to the TV and film industry. Questions are raised regarding the entertainment industry's role in feeding the national psyche.

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"A TV series drama tries to keep you invested by introducing one conflict after the next — one conflict per scene sometimes. It's like adding a lot of salt and other flavorings to food, keeping it tasty and increasing your appetite and thirst for more. But eventually, the theme of conflict after conflict gets old. That's often how Henry saw his life of working 'round the clock to pay the monthly bills, while also struggling to stay out of debt, but there had been no way out of this drama. Dying had its allure for Henry, but of course, ultimately it's not how anyone wants to exit the show."

About the author.
After over a decade working in the advertising field as an award-winning designer, emerging author Matt Chansky has embarked on a new chapter writing fiction. Despite many successes as a business content developer, Matt found that he much preferred making up his own stories. "A Good Man Henry" is Matt's debut published release. Matt is a graduate of Tyler School of Art and Stanford University. Author updates: http:www.mattchansky.com

Matt Chansky

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