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Hashtag Cult Podcast gets True Crime Mini Series Greenlighted

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Hashtag Cult has been talking to current member of a sexist cult that turns men into abusers. The podcast has now been turned into a series on vertical video app Rizzle.

CLEVELAND - EntSun -- Mike Fallek has a fairly new podcast called Hashtag Cult. He has begun to release a 26-ep series on Rizzle, a short-form video series app, that serves as a short documentary exploring MGTOW, an online Meninist cult.

It's newsworthy because, until this project, no cult experts have named this group or analyzed its actions.

Mgtow is "Men Going Their Own Way." They have thousands of members and exist only in a hashtag that helps members communicate on youtube and forums. Their cult believes all women are genetically predisposed to create a "gynocracy"- a female coup to rule men.

Series Synopsis
For 2 years now, Mike and his team of investigators have been talking to cult members and leaders. The investigation team invented the word HASHTAG CULT, a now accepted terminology, to describe how this cult hid themselves from the world using the internet to its advantage. This series shows the story of interventions with people lost to this cult, ex-members trying to reclaim their lives, current leaders and members defending their group, and cult experts explaining how this group is unequivocally a cult. Hashtag Cult is an ongoing project of online videos, podcasts, and ever-developing feature-length and short documentaries designed to educate people on "cults being on a spectrum" to identify when cultic behavior is involved in even a small way in your life. This series features Mika Spielberg, Dr. Drew, Rachel Bernstein, Chris Shelton, Hoyt Richards, International Cultic Studies Association Members, and more.

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