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Guilt – how can you deal with it?

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DERBY, U.K. - EntSun -- Guilt is one of the strongest negative feelings, rooted in human minds. You might feel guilty when something unpleasant happens. Sometimes, even if it is not dependent on you. Where this comes from. How it impacts your life and body. Can you deal with it? If so how?

Where the GUILT comes from?
From your youngest years, you might be taught, that some things are good and some are bad. That if you do something bad you will be punished. If your family is religious it might be a god who will do the punishment. Or karma. Or whatever other thing your relative believes. The thing is your whole life you were told to be good. To do the good things. To act right. Be honest. Truthful.

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This kind of advice might be strengthened by saying that someone, either god or other super intelligence or simply mom, dad, a neighbour and so on, is observing you. That you are under surveillance all the time. Your behaviour, all your actions and sayings, and in the worst-case scenarios even your thoughts and feelings, are watched and judged all the time. Twenty four seven.

It might happen, that you were maybe not directly told this. You just simply see and feel, your parents and environment, approval or disapproval, of your actions... Read more -> https://rjchomik.com/guilt-how-can-you-deal-with-it/

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