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Greedy Signs with TCB

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Greedy Chulo, levels up.

Today (Jul. 25), the 23-year-old Chicagoland, bred rapper has officially signed to TCB Records. His signing comes as he is about to release his new single titled "Mr. Big Smoke

The rapper, who's also known as Greedy Bambino, will bring a style that is all his own to TCB.

"A source acquainted with details of the deal, said TCB wants the hip/hop artist to continue to be himself and not to change, "Not a thing" Nothing! As the artist's fan base continues to grow, show after show. And performance, after performance. The artist has been able to connect with his fans through his music as well as with a unique cool, catchy, and boastful chant that the artist fans (which are well represented at his performances) will shout out and chant… BAMBINOOOOOO, BAMBINOOOOOO! Which is clearly referencing the "Bambino" part of his name.

TCB' (CEO) Will Profit said this young man is a welcome addition to TCB, after meeting the rapper, as he was heading to the airport.

This signing marks the culmination of TCB still being here, after all these years later. And shows that they are still players in the music game. TCB is celebrating its longevity, with a new installment of the "TCB FAMILY MIX" (Which is a collaborative project that is presented by them, which has tracks from all their artists on one album). This one will be titled TCB FAMILY MIX "STILL HERE"— A spokesperson at TCB had this to say;

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We have always stayed true to what, and who we are. And will continue to bring great music and great artist to you, while showing that…art can come from anyplace or anyone!

So, it would seem that "Success Is the Only Option" is NOT just a motto or slogan. But in fact, a way of life at TCB, from its humble beginnings to now here we are in 2019. As TCB welcomes GREEDY CHULO aka GREEDY BAMBINO into its family, and with their perfectionists like approach to the art of music, and the entertainment that it brings, they are preparing to shoot for the title of the G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time)

Leave "No Doubt" TCB we look forward to your future success and the success of their new artist.

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