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Get Rid of Dry Lips This Winter!

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TORONTO - EntSun -- Winter always seems to bring out the worst dry lips out of the entire year. You might start to see your beautiful lips cracking in the fall once the weather starts to change from nice and warm to cold, dry, and chilly. Wearing lipstick during this time can be very difficult because of all the dead skin peeling off, making your lips chunky, gross, and clumpy. We have created some nifty tips for you to follow in order to give you perfect lips, no matter what season it is or what the weather is like!

The Reason Behind Chapped Lips

Unlike the rest of your face, your lips don't have oil glands. Lips are one of the very few places on the entire body that don't have these glands. You might have noticed this when your face gets dry, the oil glands start working to try and combat this with oil to provide moisture. Because there aren't oil glands on your lips, there is nothing to naturally moisturize them. Which, in turn, makes them susceptible to drying out fast and regularly. No oil glands are also the reason why any dead skin on them will peel and flake off in chunks.

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